Show-In-A-Day: “Joseph”

On Wednesday 30th of May, the pupils from Abernyte Primary travelled to Perth Concert Hall to take part in the annual Show-In-A-Day event.  Following on from last year’s successful performance of “Oliver”, schools were invited to take part in another musical, this year “Jospeh and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat”.

Pupils dressed the part, wearing costumes based on the characters from “Joseph”, including Egyptian royalty or Canaanite shepherds.  Even staff members got in on the act, with Mr Billen and Mrs MacKinnon looking very regal in their outfits for the show.  Mr Billen was even called up on stage during “Poor, Poor Pharaoh”!

After a day of song rehearsals (complete with actions!), a short performance was put on, which featured the songs:

“Jacob and Sons”
“Joseph’s Coat”
“One More Angel In Heaven”
“Close Every Door”
“Go, Go, Go Joseph”
“Poor, Poor Pharaoh”
“Benjamin Calypso”
“Any Dream Will Do”
and the backing singer parts to “Song of the King”

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