Kindrogan Field Centre

At The Top of Kindrogan Hill
On Thursday the 10thof May we went to Kindrogan Field Centre. We went over the Bridge of Cally, through Kirkmichael and turned off at Enochdu before arriving at Kindrogan. When we got there Duncan told us what rooms we where in. I was with Lewis, Daniel was with James and Archie and Carlo were with Joshua. We got changed and went up Kindrogan Hill. We found a grave yard and built shelters. When we got down we had our packed lunch and did the low ropes course.  After that we had dinner and played pool and table football until bedtime.
Mr.Billen woke us up at 6:50 in the morning. I got up and spent a bit trying to get Lewis out of bed. We watched TV for a bit before having breakfast. We had cereal and then went to the shop. I bought a little dog called Moriarty. We changed into waterproofs and did the high ropes course. After that we did a quick litter pick and went back on Jim’s bus.

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  1. Kindrogan is a great experience i would recommend it to other schools.

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