Rewarding Reading – The Reading Record

‘Rewarding Reading’ allows pupils to be recognised for their reading by participating in a voluntary Reading Record. The Reading Record has been in use in one form or another over the years. It links to Curriculum for Excellence Literacy outcomes, in particular LIT 3-11a / LIT 4-11a

I regularly select and read, listen to or watch texts for enjoyment and interest, and I can express how well they meet my needs and expectations and give reasons, with evidence, for my personal response. I can identify sources to develop the range of my reading.

It also takes into account CfE definition of texts, “a text is the medium through which ideas, experiences, opinions and information can be communicated.” (Literacy Across Learning: Principles and Practice, p4) to allow pupils to explore and read different types of text.

‘Rewarding Reading’ is currently in development and Bronze and Silver task sheets listed below, or available from the library have been up-dated and now include a ‘personal response’ aspect where it wasn’t already built in (for instance, in the review sheets).

Pupils choosing to take part in this are expected to explore and challenge their reading within the award as well as beyond the texts they choose to use for the award.


Read this Outline for further details. It has to be noted that this is the minimum requirement and pupils would be expected to be

Read FIVE texts and do FIVE different tasks for each text. Then complete your Bronze Award with The Best and the Worst.

 1.1 Review Fiction Book  2 Book cover
 1.2 Review Non-fiction Book  3 Quiz
 1.3 Review Magazine  4 Letter
 1.4 Review Computer Game  5 Cartoon
 1.5 Film Review  6 Word search
 1.6 TV Programme Review  7 Two minute talk
 1.7 Website Review  8 Facebook

Finish with:

 Best and worst

BRONZE with Merit

Want to go that bit further? To gain Bronze with Merit do a further 5 different task sheets for more texts.


The Silver Award requires you to read 5-15 books depending on the targets you set for yourself.

It enables you to explore different genres. Read this Silver Award Outline for further details.

01. Poetry Book  07. A Funny Book
02. Short Stories  08. Biography or Autobiography
03. Graphic Novels  09. Adventure OR Action OR War OR CYA
04. Non-fiction  10. Sport or Animals
05. Historical Fiction OR Non-fiction  11. Science Fiction, Fantasy, Dystopia
06. World Fiction  12. Crime Ghost Horror

finish with:

 Library Olympics

The Levels

Silver  (Level II)                     5-9 books      (at least 2 different genres)         1-2 books a term

Silver Star (Level I)               10                    (at least 3 different genres)         2 books a term

Silver with Merit                   15                    (at least 4 different genres)         3+ books a term

Level equivalents, if you did not complete Bronze in S1

The reading record is a cumulative award and takes into account your previous awards. If you did not complete Bronze in S1 the awards are adjusted so that you will still be recognised for your reading achievements:

Silver (Level II) = Bronze

Silver Star (Level I) = Silver (Level II)

Silver with Merit = Silver Star (Level I)


Gold is undergoing redevelopment but you can still work towards it by reading 10 books and using 10 different task sheets chosen from Bronze and Silver.

Gold, currently requires you to read a further 10 books based on a group of authors. This is currently being redeveloped and should be based around specific genres and named groups of authors – both classic and contemporary.

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