S2 Careers Lessons

Once again, the cycle of the school year has led us to options times. In the next few weeks pupils in S2 – 5 will be selecting their subjects for the following year.







As part of this process, S2 visit the library on several occasions to do Some Careers Information Literacy Skills, be introduced to the small Careers Section and to finding relevant information on the internet (Primarily, My World of Work).

The first lesson is loosely based on The Reading Game.







Pupils are split into 5 or 6 small groups depending on the size of class and given a starting station where the choose one of the career areas on that table, then between them select what they think are the the jobs that fit into the area, personal qualities and skills that are key to the career, as well as what school subjects might me required. Pupils only get a short time (5-8mins max) to make their selections and write them down on there sheet. A whistle is blown, and each group moves on to another station. The time they have a t each station reduces as the lesson proceeds.







Once finished, pupils will have been exposed to a number of career categories, and this has also enabled them to think about their own skills and qualities that they are good at thus enabling them to make better options choices and helping in the future, to write job, college, university applications, personal statements and CVs

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