Today we all took part in the Labyrinth activity, led by Kate Coutts, in conjunction with the Kirk. Everyone listened while Kate told the story of Assipattle and the Stoorworm, and we learned about the story behind the labyrinth. P5 – 7 drew two labyrinths on the tennis court (involving a lot of measuring!). Then the younger children had a go. Finally, we had some folk from the community and parents come and try the labyrinth. We had a great experience today!

Bag the Bruck 2022

We went to Sandgarth Beach to bag the bruck. This means that we went along the shore and picked up any rubbish that had been swept up by the tide. We mainly found plastic and bits of rope. Thanks to all the parents who came with us, and to Stanley for helping transport! Altogether we collected about 20 bags worth of rubbish.