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Making labels


On Tuesday Kenny had an idea of stapling the wood to the orange Polycrub wrapping and we made label signs.

In ranger club we planted some white dukes and then put the labels were the tatties.A big thanks to William Shearer for gifting us the tatties and fertiliser. We all hope they grow soon.




The plants are growing

After the blog we last did about the plants, the plants grew even more. Mostly the tomato plants are beginning to grow. They were growing in the holiday weekend.There was about 20 tomato seedlings sprouting to life and we set 2 pea pods and in each there was only 1. There was about 3 pea pods and 3 tomato plants.We left them in a container from when we went to Stronsey. We had to water them when we were at Stronsey school and we had to water them every day but not Saturday or Sunday.

Our first plants


This is the first plants that are going to be in the polycrub. There are three pea pods and 2 tomato plants. We hope they will grow big so we can eat them for lunch.There will be lots of peas in maybe 3 or 4 months. They will be tasty and scrummdiddlyumptios . We planted them in Stronsay a couple weeks ago and we hope they will grow big too eat.