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William Shearers

On Tuesday we went to Kirkwall for swimming. We went to William Shearers to spend the fifty pound gift voucher we got from Marie Hay.

We got some lettuce, salad leaves and mustard seeds, some plant pots, some hanging baskets and some tools. The tools were some three spiked doo-dah for breaking the soil up, a hoe and a deep trowel.


This is the photo we got of us all holding what we bought and Tiberius is giving the voucher to William.

















Lego gold digger

On Thursday the 27th of April Jack brought in his Lego gold digger and showed it to the whole of the classroom. Jack got it last Christmas it took 3 months to build it. Jack’s Dad , Jack’s brother Robbie and Jack built it. However the tracks that moves the digger didn’t work because there is to much weight in the middle. There are no normal Lego pieces involved, just Technic pieces like gearwheels, rams and tracks. Look at the video below. It would be good to hear your comments!


Tatties planted

Yesterday all the Eday school children finished digging the School garden. Meanwhile some of the people were flattening the ground and some other people were planting the different kinds of tatties are pink fir apples,Duke of York, Swift and many more kinds of tatties and by that time it was about 7 pm.

A Narrow Polycrub Escape!

£1000 worth of sheets for the polycrub flew over our heads today!

A big thanks to Jack’s Uncle Ivor and Mr Miller for saving the polycrub from soaring to Sandy. The true story is that Ivor was driving past in the OIC lorry. Mr Miller was chasing after it, puffing and determined, however they got it just before it blew down to the sea. Ivor and Mr Miller tied sheets together and they dragged them over to the dyke. Ivor got his Massey and pallet toes to lift a pallet of stabs on to the sheets at the side of the dyke.

The polycrub was safe, in shelter, but only just!
(by Jack, Malachi and Kenny)

The pipes are up

On Friday 3rd we got the pipes up for the polycrub. What happened was this –  the school started by reading the instructions to find out what we had to do. We had to mark on the stabs from 1 to 10 and then we put a string on the stabs, after that the school got Jeff’s  lazer pen to see if the string was straight. It looked straight but Adam’s spirit level said different,  because the knots on the string were not straight. However by that time it was home time although Hannah and Is tayed over and helped to cut the stabs and put the pipes on the stabs. Now the pipes are up, Thanks to all the adults for their help!