Lego gold digger

On Thursday the 27th of April Jack brought in his Lego gold digger and showed it to the whole of the classroom. Jack got it last Christmas it took 3 months to build it. Jack’s Dad , Jack’s brother Robbie and Jack built it. However the tracks that moves the digger didn’t work because there is to much weight in the middle. There are no normal Lego pieces involved, just Technic pieces like gearwheels, rams and tracks. Look at the video below. It would be good to hear your comments!


Snail Mini film

At After School Club we made a mini film about snails to see what they do. We used a Raspberry Pi to take pictures of them every minute for about 16 hours with the help of Malachi’s dad who showed us the code, and then he edited it for us and put all the pictures together We edited it and then it started to work.

Hannah’s Mum (Kate) let us use her snails as an experiment and because she runs after school club so we can have fun, she used to be the ranger so it was ranger club and we learnt about nature.