The Sheets are Up

On Thursday the sheets for the Polycrub were put on.

Barry, Adam, Mike, Lauren, Jonathan, Jeff, Mr Miller, Kate and Hamish came to help.

Adam and Hamish had to climb on the polycrub to put the sheets on, We had to put screws in the sheets to secure them then we put washers on the screws, two or three people had to carry one sheet.

We finished at half seven and stayed there until about eight but we put all the sheets on now we only have to put the ends and doors on and we can start to sort the inside.

2 thoughts on “The Sheets are Up”

  1. It was a great evening all working together. Thank you to Dawn for refreshments and a massive well done to Jack, Hannah, Lauchlan, Kenny, Jolian, Malachi and Tiberius for the great work they put in, in the tattie plot. It could honestly not have all happened before the Easter holidays without your effort and dedication.

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