A Narrow Polycrub Escape!

£1000 worth of sheets for the polycrub flew over our heads today!

A big thanks to Jack’s Uncle Ivor and Mr Miller for saving the polycrub from soaring to Sandy. The true story is that Ivor was driving past in the OIC lorry. Mr Miller was chasing after it, puffing and determined, however they got it just before it blew down to the sea. Ivor and Mr Miller tied sheets together and they dragged them over to the dyke. Ivor got his Massey and pallet toes to lift a pallet of stabs on to the sheets at the side of the dyke.

The polycrub was safe, in shelter, but only just!
(by Jack, Malachi and Kenny)

8 thoughts on “A Narrow Polycrub Escape!”

  1. Hello Eday pupils,

    How lucky for you that those sheets were saved – although I’m sure we’d have made good use of them on Sanday ;-)

    What a super picture. I can imagine the drama of the morning! It certainly was blowy.

    Bye for now.

  2. Super pictures. I recognised both Mr. Miller & Ivor without the labels 😃.

    Looking forward to hearing all about it tomorrow when Hannah and I come back to school.

    Well done on saving our ploycrub and for the great story and illustration. Very exciting that Maree is sending us a gift voucher!


  3. Mr Miller and Uncle Ivor deserve superhero capes. Well done for saving those sheets. Looking forward to helping finish the polycrub.

  4. Yes, Maree, we would be delighted to see our picture on your Blog.

    THANK YOU for the gift, we are soon going to get some things from Shearers for the Polycrub and the garden.
    So your gift will be helpful.

    We can meet you soon and hopefully by then we will be growing things.

    (by the Eday bairns)

  5. Hello Everyone!
    My name is Maree and I work for the community company that supplied your polycrub kit. We’re delighted to see that Jack’s Uncle Ivor and Mr Miller managed to save your sheets!

    The sheets are like big sails and can easily blow away in the very strong winds we get in Shetland and Orkney. The pallet of stabs should help keep them in place now until you’re ready to use them, but make sure it’s a calm day :-)

    I’ve been to Eday and really enjoyed my trip to your island. Your heritage centre and shop are really great and I stayed at the hostel, which was very comfortable. I would like to come back some day and see all the things you’ll be growing in your polycrub.

    We’re really impressed with the picture you’ve drawn of your sheets trying to blow away in the wind. It would be really great if we could put your picture on our polycrub facebook page as a reminder to people to make sure the sheets are well secured. Would you be happy for us to do that?

    In recognition of the quick thinking by Mr Miller and Jack’s Uncle Ivor, we’d also like to send you a gift voucher for Shearers in Kirkwall to help you buy some compost, seeds, pots or anything you might need to grow some fabulous produce in your polycrub.
    Happy growing!

    Maree Hay

  6. Dear Eday School,

    Am so glad your £1000 worth of Polycrub sheeting was saved today!

    It was windy here in Rendall but think it was much worse out with you in Eday. Glad the sheeting didn’t end up in Sanday!

    Enjoyed reading your blog about the morning’s excitement and rescue operation. Love the picture too!

    Well done to you all, especially Mr Miller and Ivor, Jack’s uncle.

    Hope to see you all next week,

    Mrs Miller :-)

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