Tatties planted

Yesterday all the Eday school children finished digging the School garden. Meanwhile some of the people were flattening the ground and some other people were planting the different kinds of tatties are pink fir apples,Duke of York, Swift and many more kinds of tatties and by that time it was about 7 pm.

The Sheets are Up

On Thursday the sheets for the Polycrub were put on.

Barry, Adam, Mike, Lauren, Jonathan, Jeff, Mr Miller, Kate and Hamish came to help.

Adam and Hamish had to climb on the polycrub to put the sheets on, We had to put screws in the sheets to secure them then we put washers on the screws, two or three people had to carry one sheet.

We finished at half seven and stayed there until about eight but we put all the sheets on now we only have to put the ends and doors on and we can start to sort the inside.

Our Raspberry Pi



The raspberry pi is a sort of programming computer which uses electricity.  You connect it to the monitor using a special cable called the V.G.A cable.you can see what is in the raspberry pi’s brain if you turn the monitor on. We use a language called Scratch ( where you can make and play games on some code). You can control any device with the raspberry pi.

Sale for the Famine

Ann and Marcus arranged a sale for the famine in Africa.

As well as selling loads of things, we had a stall for “Guess the teddy’s birthday” and for “Guess how many sweets are in the jar”. Ena won the teddy and Elsa won the sweets. Altogether we made over £250!

Thank you, Ann and Marcus (and Mrs Miller) for setting the whole thing up. All this money is going over to Africa to help stop people suffering.

Making labels


On Tuesday Kenny had an idea of stapling the wood to the orange Polycrub wrapping and we made label signs.

In ranger club we planted some white dukes and then put the labels were the tatties.A big thanks to William Shearer for gifting us the tatties and fertiliser. We all hope they grow soon.




Planting Tatties

Yesterday we were planting tatties. We planted White Dukes, White Dukes have a dry mealy texture and also have a firm pale yellow flesh. White Dukes are first earlies but next we are planting Kestrels which are second earlies, Kestrels are a creamy, fleshed fairly dry textured  tattie.

When we were planting the tatties we put them 30 cm apart along the way and 60 cm across, we did three rows, two rows had seven and one row had six.                                                                                                    

Digging the Garden

Today we were digging the garden so it was ready to plant tatties in, we dug a row then put compost in, however when we dug the next row we put the soil in to the row we just dug.

The younger ones were picking weeds from the raised beds so we can plant in them again soon,we got four types of tatties from shearers, King Edwards, Swifts, Kestrels and White Duke of York, there are twenty of each and we are going  to plant them in the ground we dug.

The soil was a nice kind of soil because it has a good mixture of compost, sand, clay, damp and a bit of worm manure, also it had a good tilth.

A Narrow Polycrub Escape!

£1000 worth of sheets for the polycrub flew over our heads today!

A big thanks to Jack’s Uncle Ivor and Mr Miller for saving the polycrub from soaring to Sandy. The true story is that Ivor was driving past in the OIC lorry. Mr Miller was chasing after it, puffing and determined, however they got it just before it blew down to the sea. Ivor and Mr Miller tied sheets together and they dragged them over to the dyke. Ivor got his Massey and pallet toes to lift a pallet of stabs on to the sheets at the side of the dyke.

The polycrub was safe, in shelter, but only just!
(by Jack, Malachi and Kenny)

The plants are growing

After the blog we last did about the plants, the plants grew even more. Mostly the tomato plants are beginning to grow. They were growing in the holiday weekend.There was about 20 tomato seedlings sprouting to life and we set 2 pea pods and in each there was only 1. There was about 3 pea pods and 3 tomato plants.We left them in a container from when we went to Stronsey. We had to water them when we were at Stronsey school and we had to water them every day but not Saturday or Sunday.