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Wildlife Area in our School Grounds

Recently Primaries 5/6, 6, 7a & 7b have taken part in designing and creating an outdoor nature area, as part of our Outdoor Learning opportunities.  We took the time to make plans for what our area would look like, then gathered all of the natural materials to create the area. 

Unfortunately, we had to delay our plans due to the amount of litter in that part of our school grounds.  The litter may have been blown in through the fence from the lane leading to Lilac from Whitelees.  We have since cleared the area of cans, bottles, crisp packets, carrier bags and cardboard.  This allowed us to proceed.



A dog could cut it’s tongue on a piece of glass!

A hedgehog could get it’s head stuck in a tin can!

A fox could get it’s head stuck in the plastic that attaches beer cans!

A bird could choke on a crisp wrapper!


We hope this won’t happen in our wildlife area but we need your help!

Please be aware of any litter in the area surrounding our school playground.  If you could always put your litter in a bin that would make such a huge difference to our wildlife. 

Thank You! From Primary 5/6


Meet ‘Wendy the Whitelees Waste Warrior’!


Primary 4 realised the dining hall was becoming far too messy and so took it upon themselves to find a solution! They designed and created their own version of a ‘Waste Warrior’, using the Whitelees Warrior for inspiration. Leona and Eva both managed to create characters that were so fabulous Mrs Hunter and Mrs Oliver decided they should be combined. ‘Wendy The Waste Warrior’  was the outcome and both girls are thrilled!

 IMG_0242 - Copy

Primary 4 also invented a brand new Waste Warrior song and proudly introduced and performed this in front of the whole school. Listen out for it in our summer show! Each day, Primary 4 are responsible for helping to keep the dining hall spick and span and give Dojos to the children who try hard to do the same.

They are pleased to announce that the Dining Staff have reported a remarkable improvement in the amount of mess left over, after lunch.

Well done Whitelees!