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Beat the Street 2

Unfortunately due to a problem with the distribution company we have not received all of the resources required for Beat The Street.  We were assured they would be received today but are still awaiting a further delivery.

Please accept our apologies that we are unable to participate on the launch day but this is outwith our control.

We will distribute the packs as soon as we receive them so that everyone can start taking part!  Please bear with us.


Beat the Street 2

We’re very excited to be participating in the up and coming Beat the Street scheme coming to North Lanarkshire. 

During our Spring Break Beat Boxes were attached to lampposts in the North Lanarkshire area.  These will be used for this game which everyone can play!

Beat the Street starts on Wednesday 20th April 2016 and will continue for 6 weeks.  The race is on to see which School can gain the most players and the most points!

We are currently awaiting our resources which should be delivered today.  These will be distributed to the children as soon as we receive them with further information on how you can participate!

Let the competition begin!