When away, we will continue to follow the Taylor High School Promoting Positive Behaviour policy. Your health, safety and welfare on this visit are of paramount importance to the school and staff involved. This agreed Code of Conduct will help ensure our visit is successful.

You must:

  • Not take unnecessary risks and must also be with one other member of our group at all times
  • Follow the instructions of the group leaders at all times, whether it is when to report for breakfast or returning to ‘check-points’ on time.
  • Dress and behave sensibly and responsibly at all times, being respectful to other travellers in airports, hotel etc.
  • Show courtesy at all times to other pupils, teachers, hotel staff, guides and members of the public. This includes the use of ‘appropriate language’
  • Look out for anything which may hurt and threaten you or anyone in the group and tell the group leader or another teacher about it as soon as possible
  • Be punctual at all times, including bedtimes, breakfast meeting times etc.
  • Follow bed times. The trip will be tiring and it is important that you get enough sleep to be able to enjoy the next days’ activities.
  • Not leave rooms unless it is an emergency or instructed to by a staff member of THS or hotel staff.
  • Always wear a seatbelt on the coach and ensure that bags do not obstruct aisles. You will be told about emergency doors, escape hammers etc.
  • Carry the emergency contact card provided by your group leader at all times and ask for a replacement should you lose it
  • Use your personal safety skills should you be approached by anyone you do not know
  • Stay together with your group during sightseeing and other times when you are not directly supervised. Members of a group are responsible for each other at all times
  • Be responsible for the carrying of your own luggage at all times and be aware of the excess baggage charges that may apply. You will be required to pay costs out of your own money should you go over these limits.
  • Leave your rooms in a suitable state for hotel staff to clean etc. THS staff will carry out regular checks of rooms. Following an initial check on arrival. Pupils maybe charged for any damage found in the room thereafter.



  • consume, purchase or otherwise acquire alcohol
  • smoke
  • bring through customs any alcohol, tobacco, flick-knives or fireworks (even as presents for others)


The use of Social Media

During the excursion please use Social Media responsibly. Do not upload photos from inside hotel rooms. If there is an issue with friendship groups, please inform a teacher. Do not post information relating to other pupils or staff. Remember that data roaming and accessing the internet in the USA will be expensive and you are liable for any costs.

Mobile Phones and valuables

Mobile phones are permitted on the trip, but parents/guardians are fully responsible for any bills incurred while on the trip. Parents/Guardians must acknowledge that it is their responsibility to ensure all data roaming is disabled before the child leaves home.

I am aware that all belongings such as IPad/tablets, jewellery etc. are the responsibility of the child and that the school, council or trip organisers will accept no liability for loss or damage during the trip.

What if a Rule is broken?

As we are in a residential situation in a foreign country, the breaking of any of the above rules will be treated seriously, as the consequences can affect your safety and that of the group. Where a member of the group breaks any rule he/she will face the possible sanction of being ‘grounded’ for a part of a day/a day in either the hotel or at the activity (supervised), taking no part in the activity. In the most serious cases, the group leaders reserve the right to consider sending the young person home, at the parents’/guardians’ expense.

The aim of this Code of Conduct is to try and ensure that your trip is enjoyable and trouble free.

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