BBC School Report has taken over Taylor High today and our library is now a newsroom.  A group of pupils are working all day today to bring the most up to date news to our community via the school website.

Short Videos


Sixth Year Thoughts on Leaving Taylor High

By Michael

It is soon the time for the sixth years of Taylor High to leave their school.  I interviewed a sixth year, Megan, to find out how she felt about this.  She said she had great memories of her six years of Taylor. She felt very sad about leaving Taylor because she was say goodbye to the people she spent six years of her life with. She also felt happy because she was moving on to the next chapter of her life. She has really enjoyed all six years of Taylor but fifth year was her favourite because she had Mrs Burton for English. She also enjoyed Maths because of Mr Rooney, her favourite part of first year was making new friends. Megan thinks that the people make Taylor, she thinks the toilets could look better and she say the school should put better food and drinks in the vending machines. Overall, she will miss it a lot.

When I spoke to Aisha, also in sixth year, she was saying that she was sad that she was leaving all here friends behind but she is happy that she can move on. She was saying she loved first year because she met lots of fun new people. Her favourite subject was English and her favourite teacher was Miss MacPhail. She said the hardest thing to leave behind was all the memories she made here she enjoyed all her years at Taylor and her advice to upcoming years is to work hard and be prepared for the future.

When I spoke to Yaeesh he told me that he was happy but sad that he was leaving. He was sad because he has to say goodbye to the past six years and happy because he now has the chance to move on in life. Yaeesh enjoyed sixth year because he finally has the chance to unleash his inner scientist. His advice to upcoming years try to enjoy what you are doing, work hard and if you find a club you will enjoy join it. His favourite club is Science club. Yaeesh loves Science and all teachers. Yaeesh loved doing the silver Duke of Edinburgh expedition ( take your time on it and take photos of it ).

Time’s Up at the Oscars by Amy B

This year’s 90th Academy awards took a stand for the Time’s Up and Me Too campaigns. Different from the Golden Globe and BAFTA’s awards where celebrities wore black to highlight the campaigns at Oscar’s star wore badges for the campaigns instead. Sam Rockwell winner of best supporting actor for his stunning performance in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri wore his badge as well as Jane Fonda and Sir Patrick Stewart. Star host Jimmy Kimmel addressed many topical issues happening in Hollywood during his introduction as well as last year’s best film award mix up. Best actress from Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Frances McDormand persuaded all other female nominees to stand up with her during her speech and thanked her husband for being a feminist.

BBC credit reuters

ITV credit AP

The Academy also highlighted other issues as Jordan Peele was the first black winner for best screenplay for his film Get Out. And the Mexican Guillermo de Toro won best film for The Shape of Water and was nominated for 13 awards. Saying no to racism. Racheal Shenten and Chris Overton’s short film The Silent Child won best live action short film. The film stars deaf child Maisie Sly play’s the protagonist in film, a deaf girl finding difficultly with her hardship in hearing. Director of the nominated Oscar film Lady Bird Greta Gerwig was the first female to be nominated for best director in 8 years.

British Science Week

By Blair and  Bria

This week 9-18th  of March is British Science Week and Taylor High School are once again celebrating it.

British Science Week is run by the British Science Association and is a ten day celebration of STEM  (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) this is run across the UK for people of all ages.

We caught up with the STEM club  leader Mr Choi to see what British Science Week means to him .

What is British Science Week ?

British Science Week is a celebration of all the different sciences that happen throughout Britain and all of the schools , it is a national event and people can set up different events in their school .

How does Taylor high school celebrate British Science Week ?

Taylor  high celebrates British science week by doing an S1 science quiz and a demo day where pupils can see exciting experiments .

Why is British Science week important to you ?

I absolutely love science and it is a period of time that I can show off during class and encourage people to have some fun doing  do experiments .

Should We Have Less Math And English And More of Other Subjects

By Ben

Most people think that Maths and English are the most important subjects but do we get too much of them? Here are the results.

1st years think:                          Yes: 3 No: 1

2nd years think:                         Yes: 1  No: 3

Based on two boys and two girls from each year.

Rachel from 1st year thinks: “We should get more of other subjects because we get enough Math and English.”

Declan from 1st year thinks: “Yes because we only get Art and Music 2 times a week and they are just as important as Maths and English.”

Lucy from 2nd year thinks: “Because the way they have set it out is obviously the way they want us to learn and even though you may not like it it will help you in the long run.”

Vladimir from 2nd year thinks: “Because Math and English are the most important subjects you learn and you use them all the time in your life.”


 World Book Day!

World book day has just been and we wanted to find out what books do selected teachers like. We asked Mrs Nelson, Miss McGhee, Mr Geddes, Mrs Rentoul, Mr Pryde and Mrs McGraw what their favourite books are and here are their answers.

 Interview One:    Mrs Nelson

Favourite Book?

Gulliver’s Travels (by Jonathon Swift).

 First time reading it?

As a child (simplified version).              


Gulliver travels to lots of different countries and meets lots of different people from different cultures.

How did you discover the book?

It was a present but it was the simplified version. I later on read the original version.

How many times have you read it?

6 or 7.     

Why is this your favourite book?

Every time I read it I always discover something new about it.



Age Rating:

Original – 16+ Simplified- younger children.

Interview two:  Miss McGee


 Favourite book?

A column of fire (by ken Follett).

 First time reading it?



The Europe World in 1500’s the struggle between Catholic and Protestant monarchs.

 How did you discover the book?      

I read the other books in the series.

 How many times have you read it?

1 time.

 Why is it your favourite book?

Because of the true emotional storylines added.


Historical fiction.

 Age Rating:

12+ young adult.

Interview three:  Mr Geddes


Favourite book?

Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire (J.K Rowling).

First time reading it?



Harry competes in a competition called the Triwizard tournament.

How did you discover the book?      

I bought it with my pocket money.

How many times have you read it?


Why is it your favourite?

Because it is the most interesting Harry Potter book.



Age Rating:


Interview fourMrs Rentoul


Favourite book?

The outlander series (by Diana Gabaldon).

First time reading it?



Mainly Time Travel.  

How did you discover the book?      

A friend recommended the book.

How many times have you read it?


Why is it your favourite?

Because of its historical references.  



Age Rating:


Interview five: Mr Pryde


What’s your favourite book?

The BFG.

 First time reading it?

As a child.

 What is the book about?

A giant that gives out dreams.

 How did you discover the book?

From a library.

 What sort of book is it?


 How many times have you read it?


 Why is it your favourite book?

It is interesting and intriguing.

 Age rating


 Interview six: Mrs McGraw

 What’s your favourite book?

To kill a mockingbird (By Harper Lee).

 First time reading it?

Older Child.

 What is the book about?

Racism in America.

 How did you discover the book?

A teacher recommended.

 What sort of book is it?


 How many times have you read it?


 Why is it your favourite book?

It is a heart warming story and has good characters.

  Age rating


 We hope this helps you learn a bit more about your teachers and that in future you may go on to read one or two of these books.


Spider-Man’s Out of the Picture

By Ben

You can’t keep a good character down forever even if they are one of Marvel’s most notorious villains. The Venom movie based on the Spider-Man spinoff character is scheduled to hit theatres on October 5th.

It is set to be directed by Rubén Fleischer and in the movie, Venom is supposedly going to be played by Mad Max: Fury Road and The Dark Knight Rises star Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock who is the films lead role. Other cast members include Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, Jenny Slate and Woody Harrelson.

The first teaser trailer was released on February 8th to give fans something to wait for. The trailer doesn’t give away too much about his evil alter ego but it gives enough to make fans happy.

The Final Movie?

By Ben

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is the latest of the Jurassic Park franchise and is set to be released in mid 2018. The fifth instalment is said to show what happened to the dinosaurs and the dangers facing them after what happened in the Jurassic World theme park on Isla Nublar. A volcanic eruption has put their existence under threat so the main characters Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) and Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) go to save them.

The film is being produced by Steven Spielberg and is being directed by J.A Bayona. J.A Bayona was also responsible for directing The Orphanage, The Impossible and A Monster Calls.

There have already been video games based on both Jurassic Park and Jurassic World. The movies are also on slot machines in places like Unibet. There will probably be a Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom game as well.

The official UK release for Jurassic World is the 8th of June 2018. However, it won’t come out in the US until the 22nd of June 2018 while France gets it first on the 6th of June.

Could this be the final movie?

7,000 pairs of shoes put in front of the White House

By Niamh

Since 14th December 2012 to March 13th 2018 7,000 children have been Killed in the US due to school shooting.

On March 13th 2018 7,000 pairs of shoes were collected or donated and were laid out on the White House’s garden. Some parents were there as their child was the victim of school shooting and one dad who attended this even wore his son’s shoes that he wore on the day he was killed.

This protest was called ‘Monument For Our Kids’ and was set the day before the national student walkout to protest gun violence.

Irn Bru Change

By Declan

Millions of Scots are outraged by the national drink, Irn Bru. The company have changed the amount of sugar and swapped it sweeteners, which some people think may be dangerous, because the sugar tax (costs more for sugar) was introduced by Teresa May.

The recipe has always been a secret since 1901 with only 3 people in the world knowing it but some have been revealed in the past like: Ammonium Ferric Citrate (food additive with iron hydroxide),Sugar(10g per 100ml),Flavourings (Caffeine,Quinine,Sunset Yellow FCF)

The only three people that know the secret recipe are Robin Barr, Julie Barr and AG Barr.

They are reducing it from 5g to 100ml and have now got ‘sweeteners’ like aspartame and phenylalanine.

“Brain Back-up” Start-up will be Fatal to Users By Vladimir

Picture: Getty Images

A start-up that claims it will one day allow people to back-up their brains confesses it will come at the ultimate fee: death.

Nectome has said it will one day be capable of scanning the human brain and preserving it, perhaps running a deceased person’s mind as a computer simulation.

However, its current procedure requires a fresh brain.

The product is “100% fatal”, the team behind it told MIT Technology Review.

The company is backed by Y Combinator, an organisation that picks a group of new companies each year to fund and mentor in the hope they receive major funding further down the line.

According to the company’s website, Nectome claims it will one day be possible to survey the brain’s connectome – the neural connections within the brain – to such a thorough degree that it will be able to reconstruct a person’s memories even after they have died.

“Imagine a world where you can successfully map and pinpoint a specific memory within your brain,” the site reads.

Nectome will be part of Y Combinator’s demo days next week – an event where start-ups pitch their new companies to an audience of investors and journalists.

Previous Y Combinator firms include Dropbox and AirBnB.

By mapping the brain’s neural connections, the firm hopes to preserve dead people’s memories

The firm is also backed by a $960,000 (£687,000) grant from the US National Institute of Mental Health, which said it saw a “commercial opportunity” in brain preservation.

The company uses an embalming process to preserve minuscule details of the brain in microscopic detail.

Its work won a prize for advancing the field of brain preservation when it tried the method on a rabbit.

Taking that further, the team said it had already endeavoured its technique on a just-deceased woman in Portland, Oregon.

However, even a delay of just a couple of hours meant the brain was already badly damaged, it said.

The next stage is to find someone planning to die via doctor-assisted suicide.

The team is looking at approaches to perhaps begin the process while a person is in their final moments.

Cryonics, the sci-fi vision of being able to “freeze” a body in some way and eventually bring it back to life, has, of course, never been comprehended.

One vital distinction between Nectome’s work and more typical cryonics is that the company is not seeking to bring a brain back to life, but instead to store the memories as lengthily as possible.

If you Have a Weak Handshake you Have a Failing Heart?

By Tony Thomas

Queen Mary University of London research shows that if people’s handshakes are weak then that can mean something. The research was funded by the British Heart foundation, and the handshakes means your heart’s strength. This information could change the world for good.

The research has been tested on 5000 people, and the grip test seems to be true. The test shows that if you have a good grip you have a good heart, but if you have a bad grip you have a bad heart. The grip test actually helps people who don’t know they have a bad heart, so they can make their heart better.

So if you have a good heart you have less chance of a stroke or something terrible. Is this the future of better and healthier people? Or is it revolutionising? We shall see in the future of this world and this life.


Wizarding World Returns with New Trailer Release

By Amy B

The wizarding world returns to the big screen as the second trailer released for Fantastic Beasts and the Crimes of Grindlewald. The trailer which was released yesterday sees the return of Eddie Redmayne as the beloved Newt Scamander, Jude Law taking on the role as the famous Dumbledore and Johnny Depp will return as Gellert Grindlewald.

The film will take us back to 1927 just a few months after the last film, ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ which proved to be a huge success with fans.  Director David Yates promises fans they be “a few surprising nods” towards Harry Potter.

The film beginning a few months after the first film with Newt having published his book Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Grindelwald has escaped from the MACUSA who caught him at the end of the last film. He seeks to gather pure-bloods who can help him rule of over muggles (non-magic people). Rising to stop Grindelwald is his once dear friend now enemy Aldus Dumbledore but Dumbledore cannot stop Gringdlewald alone he needs the help of his student who has already faced him once, Newt Scamander. Keen eyes have also noticed that Grindelwald has the Elder Wand as well. The film will take place in Paris, London as well as New York, the setting for the last film.

Dan Fogler will return as Jacob, Katherine Waterson as Tina, Alison Sudol returning as Queenie so will Ezra Miller as Credence. We’ll get to meet Newt’s brother Theseus and his fiancée Leta Lestrange who we know has a past with Newt from the first film.  The film is set to be released in theatres in November.

Audi to launch E-Tron GT as Tesla Model S rival

Audi has set plans to construct a new E-Tron GT four-door sports car to rival the Tesla Model S from 2020.

The new car was announced during the company’s annual press conference as one of the 20 electrified models that will feature in its line-up by 2025

Audi said the E-Tron GT, which will be produced at the firm’s Neckarsulm factory, will be ‘highly dynamic’ and shows the direction of the company’s performance division.

Brand chairman Rupert Stadler said: “We interpret sportiness very progressively with our fully electric E-Tron GT, and this is how we will take our high-performance brand Audi Sport into the future.”

The announcement came alongside confirmation that Audi’s heavily trailed E-Tron EV – the SUV seen in camouflage in Geneva earlier this month – will cost around €80,000 (about £70,950) when it is launched later this year

Stadler also revealed that all main Audi models with be offered with “at least mild-hybrid” engine options. “The switch to the WLTP [the new industry fuel economy test] cycle is proving extremely challenging but we are currently doing type approval for engine and gearbox variants,” he said.

 Female music industry 

By Kathryn , MaryLouise and Eve

Woman have come a long way in the music business and the music business   Has developed into a much loved thing

Girls and boys both take music but girls seem to be more interested in practical music and boys have been known to take music technology.

Mrs McKinley she loves being a female music teacher and says that there are more female music teachers in Taylor high schools department than men.

MacLeish Take 2!

By Thomas

After Alex McLeish left Scotland in 2007 for English side Birmingham has selected his first Scotland squad in his second spell for the upcoming friendlies against Costa Rica and Hungary.

Following Scott Brown retiring from international football people may have thought that former skipper Darren Fletcher may come in and take the armband again. This will not happen as the ex Manchester United captain has been left out of the squad. McLeish has yet to announce the he successor of Scott Brown as Scotland captain.

Nine of the twenty seven man squad could be set for an international debut with Oli McBurnie, Dylan Mcgeouch, Barry Douglas, Jon McLaughin, Scott McKenna and Scott McTominay having  all been called up for the first time and Kevin McDonald, Jaimie Murphy and Jordan Archer have not appeared for the tartan army either.

Some key players that have been ruled out for the games with Celtic’s Leigh Griffiths and Craig Gordon out for the frendlies. Also James Morrison, Barry Bannan, and Steven Fletcher are also side-lined.

Alex McLeish and his freshly appointed back room staff will be hoping for a brace of victories in their first two games.

Scotland Squad

Goalkeepers: Jordan Archer, Allan McGregor, Jon McLaughlin.

Defenders: Barry Douglas, Grant Hanley, Russell Martin, Scott McKenna, Charlie Mulgrew, Callum Paterson, Andrew Robertson, Kieran Tierney.

Midfielders: Stuart Armstrong, James Forrest, Tom Cairney, Ryan Fraser, Kevin McDonald, Kenny McLean, Dylan McGeouch, John McGinn, Callum McGregor, Scott McTominay, Jamie Murphy, Matt Ritchie, Ryan Christe.


Attackers: Oli McBurnie, Jason Cummings, Matt Phillips

Beast from the east 2.0

By Amy T

The U.K. Is hit with flood warnings as “beast from the east 2.0” will cover Britain with sleet and snow this weekend.

Cold air is sweeping in from Siberia and Scandinavia , with met office issuing warning for snow over large areas of the country.

Yellow warning for heavy rain has been issued sending flood warnings for south west of England and Northern Ireland.

It come less than two weeks after the original “Beast from the East”

It will bring snow showers but at this moment in time we can’t tell whether it will lie or not.

The temperature will drop to 10C on Friday and 8C on Saturday and Sunday with overnight lows of -3C possible with a wide spread of frost over the weekend

2 Year Old Child Saves Mum with Facetime

By Lucy

Two year old Myah was with her pregnant mother, Katie-Marie Porter, when her mum passed out at home. When Myah saw her mum on the floor she had remembered when her mum used her phone to face time so Myah took her mum’s phone and face timed her Gran shouting “Mummy’s on the floor”

Myah’s gran then called Myah’s father Kurk, and he rushed home and took Katie to the hospital.

Katie Marie said “it is amazing she thought to call for help, as far as I am concerned she saved me and the baby.

Katie has also been trying to get parents to teach their kids about these apps in case of an emergency she said “it might save someone else in the future

3D-Printed Homes

Picture: Getty

In Texas, hid behind a house for the wealthy, possibly lies some hope for the significantly less so.

More than a billion people in the world go to sleep each night without dependable shelter.

But a pair of companies working on solving that believes their model of quickly 3D-printing a one-story house could not only offer purely a roof over the head, but a frankly great place to live.

It’s a proof-of-concept built by Icon, a construction firm, and New Story, a non-profit that sets up housing in the evolving world.

The 650-square feet (60 sq m) residence required about $10,000 (£7,000) of concrete, and took 48 hours to “print”.

Eventually the goal is to bring the cost down significantly by using a mixture of economies of scale – buy concrete in bulk – and improvements to the 3D-printing machine. The objective build time is between 12 and 24 hours.

Later this year, the project will head to El Salvador to construct some test homes, with the view to begin work on a community of 100 houses in 2019.

“If it does work it could literally change how shelter is created,” said Brett Hagler, chief executive and co-founder of New Story.

“It’s irresponsible for us not to try it.”


The Hose which makes the Homes

Picture: Getty

Like small-scale 3D-printing, the structure works by gradually adding material, layer-by-layer. In this instance, that material is mortar, alike to concrete.

The height and width of the house is constrained by size of an enormous metal frame, which operates autonomously once given its commands.

“We can print up to 11ft tall with this machine,” explained Alex Le Roux, chief executive of Icon.

“It works on tracks like a train. You could build many, many homes back-to-back, or create a very long home.”

The machine follows blueprints produced using typical computer-aided design (CAD) software. This means homeowners would have the ability to create their own designs on site, or pick one from a library of possible structures.

Funding Cuts in Hospitals Increase Chance of Death (Better Stay at Home)

By Tony Thomas

 At the end of May, a pay contract made by Fife Council would end which means the hospitals would be getting less funding. Less funding means that hospitals will get an increased likelihood of death for terminally ill people, but on the good side there might be a new contract in the end of May.

Even though a new contract is coming, it might not be a better one than the last. The new contract will bring them money, but the quality of care is still lower than previously. Even the quality of health care is lowered so the chance of death of terminally sick people, is still on the rise.

This problem will start very soon, but the people can only hope that it will be resolved. We can only see what will happen when it happens, and maybe the deal might be better than people imagine.

Bomb Scare in Italy!

By Declan

More than thousands of people have been evacuated in an Italian seaside town after a huge British Second World War bomb was dug up accidentally.

The bomb was 227kg and was 1.1 metre was took to the sea because bomb disposal experts said it could still detonate. Everyone in a 1.8 kilometres radius of the bomb was evacuated, All 23,000 of them as a precaution while they were moving the bomb. Hospital patients were transferred, Schools were shut and train services were cancelled.

The bomb will be disposed after a six day wait because that is the maximum time to see if it explodes on its own. Experts shut Fano’s port and tried to remove the explosive early hours yesterday.

Women to Take the Baton at Edinburgh Festival

By Amy

Classical music orchestras will be conducted by women this year at the Edinburgh International Music Festival. The festival seeks to change the under-representation of women in music and finding the gender balance. Fergus Linehan says “the lack of women on the podium is one of the most glaring issues in performing arts globally and he and his staff were doing everything to change it.”

Most famous conductors are male however Marlin Alsop, music director of the Sao Paulo Orchestra, will appear this year at the Edinburgh Festival. She will conduct music for a celebration of her mentors work, Leonard Bernstein. The festival also looks to highlight young people in the year of the young people. Musicians aged 25 and below will be performing believing they will added “a different shape to the program”.

Recent events like the Oscars and BAFTA’s have also taken to light the gender pay gap and gender equality. Winner of best actress for her performance in Three Billboard’s Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Frances McDormand ask all other female nominees to stand up with her during her winner’s speech. Celebrities also wore all black for the BAFTA’s in honour of the Time’s Up movement which tackles gender pay gap.

Triumphant trip to Italy 2018 

By Lucy

On Saturday March 3rd 40 S2 pupils from Taylor High School took part in what was probably a once in a life time 5 day ski trip to the beautiful city of Valle d’auosta in Italy. I spoke with the organiser of the trip Mrs Mcguigan who told us it was a great opportunity for the pupils to go to a different country and experience other cultures, she also told us it helped the children learn a little independence and let them build their team work skills while trying something completely new. Mrs Mcguigan told us the hardest part was letting people down as there was so much interest in the trip, she would definitely do it again.

During the trip the pupils along with five members of staff overcame so many challenges and difficulties, They skied for a total of 20 hours over the five days pushing themselves out of their comfort zones, by the end of the week they were skiing down slopes they never thought they would. The school organised the trip with the company ski supreme who helped thing run extra smoothly.

I then spoke with Amy Taylor one of the 40 pupils on the trip she explained that’s she enjoyed it and the best days were the third and fourth when she was more comfortable and was getting to grips with how things worked.

The trip was a complete success, both the children and the staff enjoyed the time  they spent in Italy.

Tough Science Semi Finals for the Smartest Pupils

By Lucy

On the 14th of March some of Taylor high schools 1st year pupils took part in the semi-finials of the science quiz

The pupils were chosen from different classes to vs each other in the quiz. The classes were A2, A5, A6 and A7. The pupils in the teams were chosen by the teachers, the pupils had to be the smartest ones in their classes.

Mrs Brown was in charge of this quiz, she was in the class asking the questions. The questions were on every type of science, chemistry, biology and physics. Some people came to watch and support their teams. It was a very tough match but when it came to questions about space one of the pupils named Leah who was part of A2 was on the button as quick as a flash. For the whole round nobody got to buzz in a question except for Leah.

One of the pupils, Declan, was interviewed. He said he felt very good getting into the semi-finales and said he found it really fun. He said he thought him and his team did well and he said it was quite funny when Leah got all the answers for the space round.

At the end of quiz A6 had 10 points, A5 had 40 points, A7 had 55 points but A2 were the winners with a whopping 125 points

So A2 and A7 will be in the the finales of the science quiz which will take place on Friday the 16th.

BBC Helping How to Teach Pupils How to Notice Fake News

 By Declan

BBC is launching a new programme to help young people tell the difference between real and fake news, over 1000 secondary schools and Sixth forms across the UK. Journalists like Kamal Ahmed, Tina Daheley, Amol Rajan and Huw Edwards will be taking part in this project. The director of BBC News said ‘This is an attempt to go into schools to speak to young people and give them the equipment to distinguish between what’s true and what’s false”.

Fake news was made popular by Donald Trump during his election campaign in 2016. He used this to break down the output of news media like in November 2017 The Independent news site streamed a ‘live video from space but actually turned out to be footage that was recorded in 2015.

The Fish of the Future

By Niamh

Our favourite fish and chip special may be taken off the menu as the Marine Conservation Society urge us to try more of the fish, on their Updated good fish guide.

The people of Britain have already picked their favourites as they leave behind Cod and Haddock which have been taken of the list.

Some of their favourites include: mackerel, megrim, mussels and the most popular Dab.

Fish experts tell us that even though they do not trip off the tongue, they will be the fish suppers of the future.

Outlander Cast Spotted in Glasgow

By Ben

The main cast members of the hit TV Show Outlander have been spotted by dozens of fans in Glasgow. The stars, Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, will be filming in Glasgow for two days. Roads in the Salt market will be closed including Turnbull Street and James Morrison Street. They will be closed from noon until midnight.


Dozens of eager fans have gathered at St Andrew’s in the Square to catch a glimpse of the cast. Who knows what they are filming but people will only hope that it is in the final cut. Nobody knows where they will go next but fans pray that it is close to them.

Enough is Enough

By Carly

Pupils in America walked out of their schools for 30 minutes -17 minutes to represent the 17 killed in the Parkland massacre and 13 minutes to represent the 13 killed in the Columbine massacre in 1999. This comes exactly a month after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school mass shooting. At 10am the pupils sat in silence for 17 minutes with their backs facing the White House.

The pupils paraded the streets with signs and chants, fighting for stronger gun laws. In parts of Rhode Island there was a foot of snow stopping pupils from marching outside so instead they marched from their classrooms to their auditoriums. Around 185,000 people were expected to join and approximately 3,100 schools planning to participate. People all around the world are using different ways to draw attention. One of the most popular are hashtags such as #Enough, #InOurLifeTime and #USAoverNRA.

Finland – Now Happiest Country in the World

By Vladimir

Finland have overtaken Norway to become the happiest nation in the world,

Says the United Nations.

The 2018 World Happiness Report also shows the steady decrease of happiness in the United States as the world’s largest economy struggles with a crisis of obesity, drug abuse and depression.

The study reveals the United States has slipped to 18th place, five places down on 2016. The top four places are dominated by Nordic nations, with Finland followed by Norway, Denmark and Iceland.

Burundi the country in east Africa, by them being scarred over civil wars and violence, is the unhappiest place in the world. Fascinatedly, there are five other countries – Rwanda, Yemen, Tanzania, South Sudan and the Central African Republic – which show happiness levels below that of even Syria.

For the first time the UN also examined the happiness levels of immigrants in each country, and found Finland also scored highest.

Finland, a nation of 5.5 million people that only 150 years ago suffered Europe’s last naturally caused famine. The country has been positioned the most stable, the safest and best governed country in the world. It is also amid the least corrupt and the most socially progressive. Its police force are the worlds most trusted and its banks the soundest.

“In the Nordic countries in over-all, they pay some of the highest taxes in the world, but there is wide public support for that because people see them as investments in quality of life for all. Free healthcare and university education really helps when it comes to happiness.”

Venezuela recorded the biggest fall in happiness, surpassing even Syria, although in total terms it remains a mid-ranking country. Latin America is infamous for corruption, high violence and crime rates, unequal distribution of income and extensive poverty, yet has frequently scored relatively highly in the happiness report.

Dog dies in overheard locker on US airline flight: Family Speak Out

By Rachel

On Monday night a French bulldog named Kokito passed away after the family were told to move the pet carrier into the overhead bin. Mrs Castano, her two month old baby and her dog Kokito were flying with United Airlines on Monday night from Houston to New York City. After the family placed her dog in a pet carrier beneath the seat in front they were demanded by a flight attendant to move him into the overhead bin. Even though the family had flown with Kokito before and had not had any problems with him being beneath the seat in front Mr Castano said.

At the end of the flight, she found her dog deceased. Wrote a passenger on Social Media who witnessed the incident. Surrounding Passengers were shocked when they saw Mrs Castano on the aeroplane aisle floor crying as she found her dog. The family were heartbroken.

The US air line spoke out and called the incident a tragic accident that should never have occurred and that they take full responsibility. They also said that pets should never be placed in the overhead bin. The family have been refunded the cost of their tickets and that covers the $125 / £90 pet cabin fee , a spokes women added.

Spanish Giants Progress

By Euan (Taylor High News Room)

Last night Barcelona thrilled as they put three

past the English champions Chelsea in a crucial

Champions League game. Lionel Messi opened the

scores with a goal after only 3 minutes, goals from

Ousmane   Dembélé  and a second from the King himself

secured their place in the quarterfinals.


The great attendance of the Nou Camp stunned

the world as over 97,813 came to watch, as the fans

of the Catalonia team declared Messi as there King.

Chelsea Royal Prince Hazard didn’t turn up he came of

the park after 82 minutes for Pedro the Barcelona

made player makes his return.


Barcelona approach the game with the classic formation of

4-4-2 with a strong strike force of Messi and Suarez.

Chelsea went into the game with a formation of 3-4-3

but Giroud, Hazard and Willian as the front 3 dose it work ?

For now Chelsea Champions League hopes are over.

Will they invest in talent in the summer?



By Eve 

The comedian and broadcaster Jim Bowen , who is known mostly for hosting the show Bullseye . He died at the age of 80, He died yesterday morning with his wife , Phyllis , by his side . He passed away peacefully, his debt wasn’t completely unexpected.

Bullseye was an ITV show , Jim Bowen presented the show from its beginning in 1981 through to 1995 , it was a Sunday tea time show that ran for 14 years . It attracted 17.5 million viewers , his warm hearted and quick – witted  with contestants was a big part of the show .

Jim was unwell for a little while and had suffered two strokes before his death . He had been in the Royal Lancaster infirmary for several weeks.

Lots of famous celebrities paid there condolences to Jim Bowen .


  Edinburgh Festival for Youth-100 Years After War  

  By Declan        

The Edinburgh International Festival is to commemorate the loss of all the young teenagers dying in the trenches during the war, a century after the ‘War to end all wars’  ended in 1918

The August festival opens up with mass audience lights and 5 telegrams that were sent home by young soldiers.

There is also music from different acts like St Vincent and Mogwai and some of the worlds finest youth orchestras. The festival director said the classical musical sector felt under pressure trying to attract younger audiences. They are holding a year of young people in 2018.

Fergus Linehan (Festival Director) says “it feels an opportunity to say,in this year let’s just celebrate virtuosity among young people”. The festival opening starts with Scottish National Youth Choir, presenting Haydn’s Creation jazz orchestra from New York and the youth orchestra of Canada.

Google is Making Revolutionary Cars in 2021:  Will it Save Lives or Cause Death?

 By Ben and Tony Thomas

Google made a prototype of a new car: a self driving one. Since the invention of  electric and hydrogen cars people have been making the world a better place, but Google has taken it one step further. Many people think that these cars will benefit society but some think that it will be a disaster for the world. These new cars will be powered by electricity considering that in 2032 there will be less petrol and diesel cars.

The new Google cars will have new features which would be classed as quasi autonomous. One of these new features is a brand new cruise control which will make your ride smooth. Since more car crashes keep showing up, Google made an emergency brake button to make sure you are safe in an emergency. The Google, Apple and Tesla cars will have a new camera system which sense hazards on the road.

People couldn’t believe that anything like this was possible until the Scottish Parliament decided to embrace people’s visions. Now that they are bringing them out, everybody is trying to get their hands on one. The markets will be crazy. The price will most likely be big but people can only estimate for now.


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