BBC School Report has taken over Taylor High today and our library is now a newsroom.  A group of pupils are working all day today to bring the most up to date news to our community via the school website.


The Great Staff Bake Off

As ‘The Great British Off’ is heading to its quarter final Taylor High’s staff had their own shot of being ‘Star Baker’.

With lots of teachers baking their own show stoppers to impress but only one could go home as star baker. Mr. Frew with his apple and cinnamon loaf came in 3rd place. Miss Vadler with her red velvet cake was 2nd but Mr. McPake with his iced ginger bread loaf stole the show and was 1st. We spoke to him to get his take on being   crowned star baker.

After asking him what inspire him to make his iced ginger bread loaf he told us that he had seen his daughters making the loaf and wanted to make it for himself. He told us that he enjoyed making his ginger bread loaf but it was hard Mr. McPake admitted had it not been for his wife to help him he wouldn’t have mixed it properly and put in the oven to early. We asked him if he used a secret ingredient to which he told us only his touch was enough for the loaf to be a success.

We also asked him out of all the other cakes in the bake off which ones he liked more apart for his own. His response was, “Oh there were a few crackers. There was a delicious cheesecake (baked by Mrs. Burton) and a cake with fruit on the top (unfortunately Mr. McPake did not know whose it was) yeah they were good.”

So Paul Hollywood better watch out Mr. McPake’s coming for him.

By Amy, Blair & Bria

Taylor High’s ‘Before The Rainbow’

Staff and pupils at Taylor High have started rehearsing for the Christmas show Before The Rainbow which is remake of the famous Broadway musical Wicked.

We spoke to Casey (S3) who will playing Nessa in the show and Aidene (S1) who will be playing the cowardly lion.

The girls told us that the show doesn’t have an exact date but will definitely be taking place at some point in December in the school theatre, and tickets will be sold once a date is confirmed for the show.

The show is remake of Wicked but has different characters and is set in New Stevenson. Mr Stewart has written the script and is the director of the show with Mrs Burton and Mrs McCranor as the producers of the show. Ms Cannon and students in the music department will compose the music.

Auditions took place on the 23rd and 24th of Augusts and students were asked to sing a song of their choice and to act out an extract from the show which they could then make own. The leading roles were filled by Anna Cormack, Erin Toolan, John Woods, Casey Fletcher and lots more students who all auditioned for the show.

Both girls think the show will be a great success. Casey told is that after only a few rehearsals the show is really coming together. Aidene also told us that they expect this year’s show to be a great success because of how hard everyone is working and practicing.

Both of the girls told us they really love working with everyone and doing the show and both can’t wait until December. The cast also will get to on a trip to see Hairspray the musical in the Glasgow Kings.

By Amy & Bria



Emmanuel Macron, youngest ever president of France has taken his stand but who is he?

On Tuesday the 12th of September 2017 new pupil council members met and had their first meeting at the first  ever Pupil Council Conference in the history of Taylor High School . Pupils met from 1st year to 5th year and the 6th year house captains and vice captains also came along.

The conference was opened by a welcome speech from Miss Daley (acting head teacher). Pupils were then tasked with a number of tasks including :

  • Writing a pupil improvement plan
  • Re-writing an anti-bullying plan
  • Writing a plan of how the teachers can support EVERY pupil with Maths and English.

Laura [12] said “I felt that we had more control over what was happening and what will happen within the school community.”

Casey (13) “ I felt like we were actually going to make a difference in our school .”

And of course the essentials were taken care of as everyone who attended the conference got tea/coffee and biscuits. Mr Phairs was even caught stealing more than a couple of biscuits.

Keep your ears and eyes peeled for more on the pupil council and more hot stories from Taylor High School News Report Group .

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 Cross country

On Thursday (16.3.17) 23 pupils from Taylor high school took part in the cross country event.
The event was a success for the participants especially in Taylor
S5 pupil Luke won silver in the open boys event
S2 pupils Anthony , Marcus and Kyle won gold medals
Gold medal winner Kyle
Gold medal winners Kyle , Anthony and Marcus
S5 pupil Luke with his silver medal
All of the participants after the event
Taylor high thanks All of the participants who took part  for showcasing our school
By Blair

Huge diamond found in Sierra Leone

Picture Credit: BBC News

A Christian pastor has found one of largest uncut diamonds in Sierra Leone’s Kono district.

The diamond, weighing 709 carats, can now be found in Sierra Leone’s central bank in Freetown. It is now one of the largest diamonds ever found.

Miners are common in Sierra Leone because of its diamond-rich areas but there are questions over whether the community will benefit from its gemstone.

The pastor’s discovery is the largest diamond to be found in Sierra Leone since 1972, when the 969 carat star of Sierra Leone was dug up.

By Emma

Nifty knitters

The library at Taylor High School are reviving a hobby that this generation knows little about.

Every Thursday at lunch time the group come together to socialise and create true works of art.And has been running for nearly two years.The group can take up to a maximum of 12 members and due to popularity there is now a waiting list.
So far they have made phone and I pad covers. They are now making Pom Pom hats to be sold and all money raised will go to S.C.I.A.F.
year they won a competition and were fortunate enough to be featured in the simply knitting magazine and won £50 pounds worth of wool and needles. By Blair

China “Airpocalypse” could affect Beijing Winter Olympics 2022

As a result of climate change, the air quality in China has plummeted which could affect the happenings of the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022.  The so-called “Airpocalypse” is linked to a loss of ice in the Arctic sea.  Studies show that a haze in the sky lasted a lot longer than usual due to the melting of the ice which increased snowfall and changed wind circulation patterns. Experts say that if the Arctic ice continues to shrink, similar events will probably reoccur in future years. This enormous haze lingered over China for just under a month meaning over 70% of China’s 74 major cities surpassed the daily air quality standard which poses serious health risks.

Picture Credit- Getty Images

Researchers claim that global climate will most likely see the Artic sea ice levels continue to decrease and maintain conditions for haze events.  This could threaten the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022 as it poses a greater threat to the games than the dirty air did in the 2008 summer games.


By Lucy and Casey


From Sci-Fi to Reality, AI is here to stay.

Artificial intelligence is everywhere and it’s here to stay. Most parts of our lives are now touched by artificial intelligence in one way or another. From deciding what books or flights to buy to whether your job applications are successful, whether you get a bank loan, and even what treatment you get for cancer.

All of these things can now be determined automatically by complex software systems. The enormous strides AI has made in the last few years are amazing and AI has the power to make our lives better in many ways.

In the last couple of years, the rise of artificial intelligence has been inescapable. Large sums of money have been thrown at AI start-ups. Many existing tech companies have opened new research labs. It’s not much of an exaggeration to say that software now means AI.

The big problem is that the complexity of the software often means that it is impossible to work out why an AI system does what it does. With the way today’s AI works – based on a massively successful technique known as machine learning – you can’t lift the lid and take a look at the workings. So we take it on trust. The challenge then is to come up with new ways of monitoring the very many areas in which AI now plays such a big role.

Another problem is ethics. One area filled with ethical issues is the workplace. AI will let robots do more complicated jobs and take out more human workers. For example, China’s Foxconn Technology Group, which supplies Apple and Samsung, has announced it aims to replace 60,000 factory workers with robots, and Ford’s factory in Cologne, Germany puts robots right on the floor alongside humans.

Credit Getty images.

What’s more, if more robots have a significant impact on employment it could have a knock-on effect on people’s mental health.

Regions where jobs have been lost when factories close down can face increased risk of suicide, substance abuse and depression.

It’s clear to see AI is having a major effect on our lives, but maybe it’s not always good.

By Jamie

Hidden Treasure found in Piano

Picture credit: Reuters

Recently many very old and valuable coins were found in Piano in Shropshire

The piano contained many coins which were minted at around 1847 and 1915. The discovery was made in Shropshire before Christmas when its new owners had it retuned and repaired. Many experts believe that the coins were hidden there deliberately. The history and whereabouts of the piano between 1906-1983 is unknown. A gold sovereign from the reign of Queen Victoria, dated 1847 is the oldest coin which was in the Piano. A judicial enquiry will decide whether the discovery can be declared treasure, resumed on Thursday.

Professionals say “the potential of yielding a life changing sum of money. A single sovereign is worth £220 so the total amount it will be worth will be extraordinary. “It’s not the sort of money you would tuck away and forget,” he said. “It is lifetime of savings and it’s beyond most people,” said Mr Reavill.[1]

By Vladimir

There Is an Increase on Adelie Penguins.

A lot more than Scientists thought.

Scientist from Australia, France and Japan have made a discovery that there are a lot more Penguins in the East Antartic than they thought. They roughly thought that there was around 2.3 million penguins in a 5000 km stretch of land but it turned out that there was 5.9 million penguins.

By using this figure the scientists say that there are roughly 14 to 16 million penguins around the world! Scientists say the resins they got the count wrong the first time was because they didn’t look at the non – breeding penguins that were out getting food.

Australian Antartic Division Seabird Ecologist, Dr Louise Emmerson said

“Non breeding birds are harder to count because they are out foraging at sea rather than nesting in colonies on land “.

Fun facts about Adelie Penguins.

  • The scientific name for an Adelie penguin is Pygoscelis Adelie.
  • The Adelie penguin was discovered way back in 1840 by a French scientist, who named the penguin after his wife Adelie.
  • You can spot the difference between Adelie penguins and other breeds of penguin by seeing if they have a white ring around there eye .
  • The average height of an Adelie penguin is 70cm
  • Adelie penguins generally weigh 3-6kgwhich is twice the size of a human baby !

By Caoimhe

Refernce: BBC newsround


Dementia is Growing not Going

There are a growing number of Scots living well into their old age which in turn is making dementia “the biggest health and social care challenge “. The amount of deaths as a result of Alzheimer’s has increased to 10.5% of those diagnosed. Dementia can cause lots of symptoms such as impaired thinking and memory loss. At this moment there are around 90,000 people in Scotland living with dementia it has been estimated that by 2020 20,000 more people will be diagnosed.

By Jessica

Labrador Dogs Can help Interview Vets

Picture Credit: BBC News

A Family of Labradors Have been giving a hand at Edinburgh Napier University, where they are putting new vet students to the test.

The students were at an interview for places at a vet nursing home but they weren’t expecting to see dogs on their interview panel.

The Labradors had a very important job to do, because vets have to be good at communicating with the animals they treat. This is so they don’t get scared or stressed.

The family of Labradors helped put the human staff to test, making sure they had the right vet skills to do the job.

A spokesman from Edinburgh Napier University said: “The teaching staff watch to see who the most comfortable handling, talking and playing with the dogs, because this is an important skill to have as a vet nurse

By Caoimhe

Billion Year Old Bloom

Ancient Rocks from India are suggesting that plants similar to red algae lived 1.6 billion years ago in what was called ‘shallow sea’. Scientists in Sweden discovered this. They identified parts of chloroplasts which are structures involved in photosynthesis. Modern red algae is best known for the use of it in 2 commercial products. Which include texturing products used to make ice cream and the seaweed used to wrap sushi in. We cannot be 100% sure about material this ancient as there is no DNA remaining but the characters agree quite well with the structures with red algae.

By Monica

Still Game Back For Eighth Series

BBC comedy Still Game is to return for another TV series following its comeback last year.
Six more episodes have been commissioned for the eighth series of the sitcom. It will air on BBC One in 2017.
The TV show will be filmed in Dumbarton and on location around Glasgow. The show attracted its highest ever overnight audience for a single episode when it returned to the BBC in October after almost a decade.
In the new series we will see familiar faces like Winston (Paul Riley), Isa (Jane McCarry), Tam (Mark Cox), Navid (Sanjeev Kohli) and Boaby (Gavin Mitchell)

By Kieran


Circus Heights

50 circus performers are coming to Glasgow for a special Cirque De Soleil show. The Canadian company started their 5 day run at the SSE Hydro in Glasgow. Their are over 100 cast and crew members from 20 different countries! Over 2,000 pieces of costume are needed!
Trapeze artist Kerren McKeeman has been a part of the show for just over 4 years. She stated: “The story is based on Icarus from Greek Mythology. It is about him and his journey learning to walk again and along the way he finds love. It’s about facing yourself and picking yourself back up.”
Julie Desmarasis spokesperson for the company said: “We’ve seen a lot of people leaving with big smiles which is great. The story explores the notion that you have in times of struggle, when you have adversity, there is always someone around you who can help.”
Since premiering in 2002 the show has visited more than 130 cities in 23 divergent countries.
By Oriana and Caoimhe


School turns to YouTube in order to find new Head Teacher.
Teacher and pupils at Morayshire primary school ,in order to hire a new Head teacher, have made a YouTube video. The £48,000 post at West End Primary school in Elgin, which does include a £5,000 + relocation package, was advertised twice with a very unsuccessful requirement campaign in January. The Head teacher that currently works there is due to retire around Easter time. The school say that they are terrified that no one will take over as Head master.

Picture Credit- Associated Press

By Evie and Mia

The Girl Who Stole Our Hearts, Now Stealing the World’s

Little Marion Kelly, aged four, has been nicknamed “President of the Earth” thanks to her guest appearance on T.V at a family press conference. Her cheeky attitude and smart remarks have caused the world to fall in love with her. She went viral when she, her mother and her Brother interrupted a skype video call with her dad, Professor Robert Kelly. Twitter has blown up with people getting excited about her cuteness, with some people even demanding that she become president of the earth (or South Korea.)


By Casey and Lucy

Exotic Emeralds found on 400 year old Shipwreck

They were found in a 400 year old Spanish fleet shipwrecked ‘Nuestra Señora de Atocha’ which sank in 1622 on the Florida coast. The Emeralds will be going for millions in an auction in Guernsey. “La Gloria, which, at eight hundred and eighty seven carats, is one of the largest museum-quality emeralds in the world.’’ According to the auction house it is the most valuable shipwreck in history.

The star of the collection of beautiful gems is an extremely rare eight hundred and eighty seven-carat gem .If you are looking for some incredibly expensive though beautiful gems they will be on auction in New York on the 25th of April. The Biggest gem (which is eight hundred and eighty seven carats) will sell for “only” Four-Five Million Dollars ,and perhaps the first of its kind as a double-sided star emerald so that also adds to its mind-blowing value.

By Vladimir

Ravine Horror

A woman was rescued by a helicopter yesterday because she fell into a ravine, she fell 22ft. The accident occurred 1 mile from Kilmore near Oban in Argyle. She had been mapping a field boundary when she slipped. Gladly her injuries which include a broken leg, head injuries and shoulder injuries are not life threatening. A police spokesman said ” she was taken to the Royal Alexandra hospital in Paisley.”

Big spend for Toyota

Toyota, a very famous and well respected car manufacturing company, have just spent an amazing £240 million on a new factory, just outside of Derby in a small town called Burnaston.

Picture credit: BBC News

This factory will allow Toyota cars and the Toyota brand to expand all over the world. This factory will employ over two thousand and five hundred new workers. Compared to another big Toyota factory who has around six hundred employees, it is huge!

Toyota are planning a new architectural design for the new up and coming Toyota factories and plants.

Toyota are building an army of workers spending £21.3 million on training, this will provide a great service and quality in the future but is it really worth the massive spending price?

So will we see Toyota being the company to buy your car from without a second thought? Well maybe, although who knows what technology will be capable of in the coming years?

By Callum

Beauty and the Beast Returns!!

People all over the country have been desperately waiting to see the new film which shall be released tomorrow.

Cinemas all over the country will be packed with little girls (and big girls) waiting to see the film. It has been described as a charming, heart-warming, romance film. It has been rated 3 stars and is PG rating.

Emma Watson plays belle in the new 2017 film along with Dan Stevens playing the beast .The film has been directed by Bill Condon and the running time is approximately 129 minutes.

Bill Condon’s films always end in an happily ever after. Not once but twice!

By Caoimhe and Bria

Husky the Fox Cub Abandoned

An fox cub abandoned is now being cared for by Scottish SPCA after being mistaken for a puppy.On March 10th the animal welfare charity in Hamilton were informed about the one week old fox cub by veterinary surgeon Julie Innes.She is being sent to the charity’s National Wildlife Rescue CentreWhere she has been named Husky.  Animal rescue officer Sian Robertson said “Husky will be introduced to other fox Cubs and will be released  to a select site,” with permission from the land owner,in the summer.

Are Puffins Going to be Extinct?

New study helps try to save Scottish puffins from extinction.
Puffins, Scotland most loved seabirds, have been declared vulnerable to worldwide extinction with warnings that we could lose about four fifths of the species in the next fifty years. A conservation charity, RSPB Scotland, has been gifted £50,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund to fund a new study that will help prevent puffins becoming extinct by tagging and tracking them to find out more about what they eat , what they feed their chicks and where they go during the day. The charity have invited members of the public to become “ citizen scientists “ and to send in pictures of puffins. With 80 percent of the U.K.’s population of puffins in Scotland, it is crucial that scientists help the species as it is thought that climate change and pollution are driving factors in the puffin crisis.

By Lucy

Rare ‘UFO clouds’ and rainbow captured in North East Scotland

Photos of unusual cloud formations complete with a reflection of a rainbow have been captured across the North East of Scotland.
A photo was posted by BBC Scotland’s North East Twitter account on Sunday evening after the sight was spotted in Aberdeen, and followers joined in.
One, taken at Rickarton  , looked like something from a sci-fi movie.
BBC Scotland weather presenter Judith Ralston said they were lens-shaped lenticular clouds.
She added that rain or light snow above the atmosphere would have added the rainbow reflection.
She said:”There Are some lovely colours. Lenticular clouds can be mistaken for UFOs. These are great pictures.”
One response to Trish Macfarlane’s image on Twitter taken at Rickarton , from Althea Tindell, said: “UFO or not this pics are fantastic”.
Written by Connor.

It Is Claimed Scotland Must Leave The EU, Independent Or Not.

Theresa May says that Scotland will leave the EU whether they are independent or not. At Prime Ministers Questions, she told the MPs: “Scotland will be leaving the European Union, it will leave the European Union either as a member of the United Kingdom or were it independent. It’s very clear with the Barroso [doctrine], it would not be a member of the European Union.”

She made her view clear during a meeting with SNP depute leader Angus Robertson, who had previously said a deal could still be done to avoid a second referendum.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced her intention to stage a fresh ballot, but Robertson said they were “currently focused … trying to convince the UK government to come to a compromise agreement protecting Scotland’s place in Europe.”

Young Muslims put off engaging in political life by Islamophobia

A report has found that Islamophobia is discouraging young Muslims in Scotland to get engaged in politics. Most participants from the study thought that more Muslims in politics would be positive for society. However everyday Islamophobia, suspicion of Muslim identities and negative media representations make engagement in politics “potentially challenging and intimidating”, research has found.

Another report found that the majority of young Muslims in Scotland are actively engaged in politics and public life, driven by an interest in political issues at both global and community level.

However the report also said that everyday experiences of Islamophobia and racism made young Muslims anxious about participating in public life.


By Oriana


New figures show that more people over 50 are still working as part of delayed retirement. In Scotland there are now 287000 more men and woman aged over 50 who are still working. Mr Bell who is apart of the healthy  seeing study  in Scotland says that, “the number of woman over 50 who are working is growing far faster than that of men and accounted for more than half of the new grey workforce. Mr Bell also says that ” grey workers will be contributing to the economy, buying goods and services and paying taxes and creating more jobs.

By Monica

What happened to the Champions League?

This has been a season to remember in the terms of football. Pride and glory will be taken upon those who are willing to take the risk. For Scottish football things are as predicted, Celtic are flying away with the league and any other competition for that matter. So, the Champions League? What happened to it, football has changed without a doubt but never the Champions League surely?

Back in the “old days” way before our time, any team was in with a chance of going for a run in the long and terrifying Champions League. Leister City, Oh Leister City how did they manage to win the Premier League with odds of five thousand to one. Leister are back, or so we thought. This year Leister have fallen down to fifteenth place, but in the Champions League they have now reached the quarter final!

Away from Leister and on to AS Monaco. Monaco are not known as a team of top performers but they do have access to a lot of money. This season, however, they have triumphed to the top of “Ligue 1” as well as beating Manchester City on aggregate. Manchester City have a manager (Pep Guardiola) who has won several Champions League trophies with both Barcelona and the champions of Germany, Bayern Munich.

Picture credit: BBC NEWS

By Calum

Coral Reef Grief

A Scottish themed ship has crashed into one of the worlds most treasured coral reefs causing a lot of damage, the environmental damage may take up to 100 years to grow back in.

The ship ‘Caledonian sky’ was sailing around the Indonesia’s Raja Ampat island chain when it grounded. The ship had to be refloated before continuing its journey. The damage it has caused will take sometime about 100 years to regrow as about 1600sq m of the underwater amazon has been damaged.

The ships firm has said “we are very upset this incident has led to the damage of this reef”

Doug Meikle from the tourist website said “The damage is not only a disaster from a environmentalists point of view, but also due to the fact that the live hoods of local communities depend upon healthy reefs”

By Amy

Plane Passenger’s Earphone Explosion

A women was on a flight to Melbourne from Beijing when she experienced a horrific event on her flight. She woke up to find out that her earphones had exploded and that her hands and face was burned.

Staff on the flight put out the fire and helped the women as well as they could. It was said to be a faulty battery that caused this incident. The woman is now left with horrible burns and will be physically scarred for life. She did not tell anyone her name so she can not be identified.

This calls into question the safety of in ear head phones.

By Carrie

Ibuprofen can increase risk of deadly heart attack

One of the most popular, over the counter, painkillers in the UK, Ibuprofen has been found to cause, sometimes fatal, cardiac arrests.
Researchers in Denmark have found that taking Ibuprofen was associated with a 31 per cent increase in the risk of the heart stopping.
Other medicines from the same family of painkillers, known as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, pose a similar risk.  These include diclofenac which has a higher risk of 50 percent, and was available over the counter until 2015.  Today, however, it can only be obtained via prescription.
Heart specialist Professor Gunnar Gisalson who led the study said “Allowing these drugs to be purchased without prescription and without any advice or restrictions sends a message to the public that they must be safe.”  He states that “over the counter NSAIDS should only be available at pharmacies in limited quantities and low doses.”

Car ‘parked’ on roof in China (find out how).

Picture credit BBC News

The car was on a highway and the house was at the side of the road and the driver somehow managed to misplace his foot and hit the acceleration instead of the brake when he turned a corner so he was sent veering over the flyover on to the residents house.

This took place in Taizhou In china.

He was later (30 minutes later) rescued using a ladder and his car was retrieved using a crane.

Apparently the man who has not been named said he wanted to avoid a collision with a tricycle

He also said ‘’With a big bang, I saw a car stuck on roof’’.

By Vlado

Hazelwood Sensory Room

Sensory room lets deaf pupils ‘hear’ own voices

Children with sensory issues are benefiting from some amazing equipment.
Parents and supporters have raised over £32,000 for a fantastic sensory room at Hazelwood School, and deaf pupils are being aided to ‘hear’ their own voices for the very first time thanks to brand new technology.
Vincent Ferguson, deputy head of Hazelwood says the the new sensory room is having a huge impact on his pupils. Mr Ferguson also said: “In the original design for Hazelwood there was a sensory room put in place but it wasn’t really suitable and as time has gone on the needs of the pupils have really changed and developed. We wanted a room that was flexible and adaptable, and that’s what we have now.”
The sensory room is in a former office and has been completely transformed the space for the schools 56 pupils.
The room can be controlled by an I-Pad letting the children choose the sounds and colours that they would like.
There are large speakers that can be connected to a vibroplate, meaning the children can sit on the plate and ‘hear’ the vibrations of their voices.
Mr Ferguson also added: “It is really special to see our pupils with hearing impairments, who have never heard their own voices, feel the vibrations. You see their whole face light up.”
By Oriana


The relaxed parrot. Credit BBC for picture
This mystery man is attempting to sell his house ….as a parrot.
He makes an appearance in every photo of the property in Bolton, he is seen spreading across his double bed, ‘chillaxin’.
With his colourful costume, The man parrot is seen posing in various rooms in his home. Such as his bathroom, his bedroom, his balcony and also with his barbecue.
Estate agent Steve Laycock states that “the parrot has requested anonymity but he tends to squawk rather than tweet”.
The Mystery man is trying to sell his home for £225,000
The home has been on sale for a week with no offers and has almost had 100,000 views on right move.
Estate agent Steve believes that the parrot/home owner was ‘up for a laugh’.
But the feathery approach seems to be working as he has had a lot of viewings
By Evie

Russia to the Moon!

Russia’s space agency has launched an appeal to recruit cosmonauts in the hope that they will be the country’s first on the moon. The first time in five years, Roscosmos said that they are looking for 6-8 cosmonauts who will control a brand new spaceship which is currently in development. Russia is desperate to rehabilitate the space winnings of the Soviet Era. It has been announced that they plan their first human moon landing by 2031. Alexander Ivanov, deputy director of Roscosmos has said that the successful applicants will pilot the first launches of the brand new ship, the Federatsiya, in the hope to “continue the lunar programme.”
Applicants are asked to visit Star City training centre outside Moscow, along with three passport photographs. Although Russia has 30 Cosmonauts, 14 of them have not yet been in space. Interesting fact to finish, the oldest cosmonaut, Gennady Padalka, holds the world record for the longest time spent in space.
By Casey

Fashion Is Putting Dogs In Danger

Pet owners are treating their animals like dolls and children and are dressing them up for occasions. Celebrities are know to also be dressing their pets up too. But vets are saying it could be rubbing against the skin of the animals and causing them to be too warm and get overheated.

Owners are dressing them up in hats, dresses, t-shirts and coats. Experts are saying that dogs especially do not need to wear clothes because they already have a thick layer of fur all over their body, dogs can also get annoyed with the costumes and then become uncomfortable in them. These costumes can also cost a lot of money too.

Overall, experts are saying its not very safe for dogs.

By Carrie


MSPs today will discuss Scotland’s draft climate plan. MSPs from four committees have written an analysis of the Scottish Government’s plan which in 2030 should reduce climate emissions by two-thirds.

The Government wants to tackle transport. In 2014, traffic in Scotland produced 28 per cent of all emissions in Scotland and since 1990 emission has fallen by 45 per cent.

The Climate Act from 2009 states Scotland’s emission needs to fall by 3 per cent each year from 2020. The new plan for emission may see the rates fall by less than half the rate expected.

But in the new plan it doesn’t encourage the people of Scotland to do more walking or use public transport but to let traffic grow. The traffic model by Traffic Scotland states there will be 27 per cent more miles driven in 2035 than 2017 but no increase with buses. In the plan Scotland Transport said:

“In the future we expect economic and population growth to increase the demand for the movement of goods, services and people.”

When the government published a 2006 transport strategy it for told that traffics levels would increase by 22 per cent from 2005 to 2015. But in actual fact is was increased by 6 per cent. A further 2009 report said that measures like workplace parking levies, speed limit reductions and increased public parking charges are more cost effective at reducing carbon emission.

The new plans say that 40 per cent of all new cars shall be ultra-low emission by 2032 but climate advisers say we should be aiming for 65 per cent by 2030. Over in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Norway are aiming for targets of 100 per cent for either 2025 or 2030.


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