Head Teacher’s Blog

BLOG – October 1st 2019

It is quite astonishing that we have already reached the September weekend in this new session and that the shorter days are already evident as we move into Autumn. The first few weeks of the new session have been very quick and within this period, we have enjoyed our Patronal Feast Day, celebrated the successes of learners at our Senior Awards Ceremony and welcomed another new cohort to St Maurice’s during our S1 welcome Mass. It is also quite something to think that we are only two weeks away from the October holiday.

Our new S1 have settled well into the routines of secondary school and I am very grateful to their S6 buddies who have worked with them over the first few weeks to ensure a smooth transition. This session we have also implemented a change in our Pupil Support structure, resulting in the team being increased to six. The Senior Leadership Team have also commenced their new remits and this brings a fresh challenge to each of the DHTs as they take on the leadership of different year groups and tasks within their remits.

Prior to the long weekend, we had the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of our pupils at the Senior Awards Ceremony and this was once again, a great night and a highlight of the school calendar. This session, we were delighted to record some outstanding results, particularly in S5 and S6 performance in the SQA exams and all of our young people are to be congratulated on their work ethic, and also their achievements. Colleagues from the Senior Leadership Team at North Lanarkshire have passed on their congratulations to our young people and staff and it was great to receive the support of Mrs Janie O’Neill, Head of Education (North Locality), from Councillor Frank McNally (Convener of the Education Committee) and also Councillor Heather McVey; all of whom attended our awards ceremony. Our aim and our challenge for this session is to build upon the successes we have enjoyed this year and to continue to work in partnership with parents/carers to ensure that our young people fulfil their potential.

The Senior Awards Ceremony also concluded the launch of our school values and it was fitting that this was concluded on a night of celebration. All young people within the school are now familiar with ‘The SPIRIT of St Maurice’s’ and as a community, we are all challenged to live out the values of Success, Perseverance, Integrity, Respect, Inclusion and Trust. In addition to this, as a community of faith and learning, we are challenged to live out our motto of ‘Love God, Love Learning, Love One Another’, particularly in times of challenge. Over the next few weeks, our values will feature prominently around the school as we ensure that they are displayed however, it is also essential that they are felt within our school ethos and culture and we all have a role to play in ensuring this.

On Friday 20th of September, His Grace Archbishop Tartaglia led the school community in celebrating our Patronal Feast Day Mass. Prior to this, our Chaplain Fr Mulholland had celebrated Mass on the Thursday afternoon, ensuring that all within our school had the opportunity to come together in Mass. Both Masses were most enjoyable and uplifting and great credit goes to our Pastoral Team for the work that they put into arranging the Masses. I received a lovely email from Archbishop Tartaglia who passed on his thanks to our school community for the warm welcome and hospitality. His Grace also stated that he was very impressed by the prayerful atmosphere of the liturgy.

As we have entered a new academic session, I wanted to finish my first blog of the year with an opportunity for reflection. Over the months and days to come, there will be much to enjoy and celebrate but also times of challenge. In promoting our school values and the positivity that this brings to the school, I wanted to conclude with the quote that I used during the Senior Awards Ceremony as it provides us all with a reminder of the contribution that we make to ‘The SPIRIT of St Maurice’s’.