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As we prepare for the end of term, it is actually quite unbelievable how quickly the weeks have passed since we returned to school in January. However, there has been a great deal of work going on within the school and much to enjoy and celebrate, not to mention the final preparations for the SQA examinations taking place too.

This week we will celebrate our Leavers’ Mass for the current S6 cohort and we look forward to coming together as a community to mark the contributions that they have made to the school throughout their time at St Maurice’s. They have been a great year group to work with and we wish each and every one of them every success in the forthcoming exams and for their future. We also thank parents/carers, staff within the school and many others who have played a part in ensuring that they leave school as effective contributors, successful learners, responsible citizens and confident individuals; ready to make a positive impact within society and in their future careers and lives.

I would ask that over the next few weeks, we all keep the young people who will be undertaking exams in our prayers, as they work hard to ensure that they are suitable prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. Easter school will run again this year and I am very grateful to the staff who are giving up time during the Spring break to ensure that this input is available. In addition to this, all of the teaching staff contribute greatly by ensuring that a multitude of additional resources are available as study aids and as online resources. Over the course of the term we have encountered many pleasing moments but also some challenging times and all staff play their part in helping us to work through the challenges and ensure that our young people remain at the centre of everything we do. Therefore, I would like to thank all staff within the school for their endeavours and efforts throughout this challenging term.

In the past twelve weeks, we have had a significant number of successes that we have reported via our numerous Twitter pages, app and website, and there are far too many to mention, but please have a look for yourself and join with us in celebrating the successes of our school. We have also been able to frame our new school vision, values and aims and we look forward to formally launching these during the next term.

Our new entrance will finally be completed around the end of April and it really is going to improve the appearance of the front of the school. There have been many challenges throughout the build but we are now looking forward to marking the opening in the not too distant future.

On Wednesday evening (27th March) I attended the North Lanarkshire Schools’ Music Groups concert and was highly impressed once again with the quality of musical performance displayed by all young people across North Lanarkshire. During the interval, I had a conversation with Deputy First Minister, John Swinney MSP and he commented that as Head Teachers, it must have been a very proud night. Staff within St Maurice’s have a huge number of proud moments throughout each academic session and we are very lucky to work with our fantastic young people. I wish all of our learners a happy, safe and enjoyable break and we look forward to welcoming you back to school on Monday, 15th of April.

Finally, as we approach the Spring break, I would like to wish all connected with the school a very happy and restful break. This is always a demanding term and this session has been no different. When we return to school, we will also have the Easter weekend, so the new term starts with two short weeks. In the second week, the SQA exams will commence and as a result of the short timescale, every moment counts in terms of exam preparation and to assist with this, I thought it would be good to finish the blog with the prayer that we say at the start of each exam, to give our young people involved in exams some reflection and inspiration:

Spirit of wisdom and knowledge,

Bring peace to my mind and heart while I take this exam today in St Maurice’s High School.

Give me quiet confidence in my gifts and talents.

Remind me of my dignity and worth in a world where I compete in exams, for jobs, to find a place in life.

Help my memory be strong and keep me calm.

May the results I gain be for the enrichment of my life and the education of my heart.

This I ask in Jesus’ name.


Have a great Spring break! School re-opens at 8.55am on Monday 15th of April.