Head Teacher’s Blog

HT blog – 25th June 2019

As you may be aware, the vast majority of the school communication now comes via our Twitter feeds, the school app and through the school website; all of which I would recommend to you as they provide up to date information on a regular basis. However, some of the content from this blog has also been issued to pupils via letter and this information relates to changes in the SLT remits, Pupil Support structure and also school uniform.

This session, we have been undertaking some key changes within the school. Firstly, the structure and remits of the Senior Leadership Team have been reviewed and changes will come into effect from August 2019. All of the Depute Head Teachers will have a change of remit and year group responsibility, with the new responsibilities being as follows:

Mrs McGee                 –           S1/S6 and also primary/secondary liaison

Mrs Boslem                 –           S2 and overall responsibility for Pupil Support

Mrs Docherty              –           S3/S4 and responsibility for school timetable and staffing

Mrs Moreland              –           S5 and DHT link for Support for Learning

In addition to this, the Pupil Support structure will also change from August, with Principal Teachers being aligned to year groups, replacing the existing house system. On Friday of last week, two Principal Teachers of Pupil Support were appointed following a very competitive selection process and on behalf of the school community, I would like to offer congratulations to Miss Mairi-Claire Cairns and Mr Marco McKerr who successfully secured the posts. Therefore, our new Pupil Support responsibilities will be as follows:

Mrs Cavanagh            –           S1

Miss McGhie               –           S2

Mrs Connelly               –           S3

Mrs Sergeant              –           S4

Mr M McKerr               –           S5

Miss MC Cairns          –           S6

In addition to the year group responsibilities, Principal Teachers of Pupil Support will also have additional responsibilities linked to Developing the Young Workforce, Transitions, Health and Wellbeing and Wider Achievements.

Please note that Principal Teachers of Pupil Support and Depute Head Teachers continue to be the first point of contact with regards to parental concerns.

Throughout this session, many of our young people have represented the school within a local, national and international context and in doing so, they are often praised for their conduct, contributions and attire. Therefore, we would ask all parents to support our school dress code policy and to ensure that all young people take pride in being pupils of St Maurice’s High School by fully endorsing the school uniform. As we approach the summer holidays, many parents/carers will no doubt be looking ahead to purchasing uniform for next session. I would ask you to please ensure that the items you purchase meet with the standard of uniform highlighted within the school handbook, which is available on the school website under our ‘parents’ section. Please also ensure that any shoes that are being purchased are all black, with no coloured soles or trademarks. Our school uniform is as follows:


Black blazer with school badge

White traditional shirt (not a polo shirt)

School tie

Black v-neck sweatshirt or jumper (not a cardigan)

Black dress trousers (not jeans etc)

Black shoes



Black blazer with school badge

White button-up school shirt/blouse with buttons to collar (not leaving a gap blouse to trousers or collar to neck)

School tie

Black v-neck jumper or v-neck sleeveless top. (not a cardigan and not a vest top)

Black traditional skirt of a “modest” length or black dress trousers. (not shorts, culotted, footless tights etc)

Black shoes – socks must be worn below the knee.


At the end of this week, we will say farewell to four members of staff who are given tremendous service to our school over a significant number of years. Mrs Patricia Nielsen has worked in the school for 42 years, working in the PE department and as PT Pupil Support. Mrs Rena Gregory have given after 29 years of service as a Teacher of English and as PT Support for Learning. Mrs Pauline Gallagher has worked in St Maurice’s for 16 years as a Teacher of RE and has also been responsible for our new school hymn. Finally, Mrs Karen Rogan retires from our clerical team after 11 years of service to the school. Together, they have a combined service of 98 years within St Maurice’s. We thank them for their fantastic contribution and wish them a very well earned rest in their forthcoming retirement.

We also say farewell to our two probationers from this session. Mrs Eleanor McDermott has secured a post in Holy Cross High School in Hamilton and Miss Rebecca Scotland will also be in South Lanarkshire after securing a post at Calderglen High School. Sincere thanks to both colleagues for their contributions to St Maurice’s over the last year.

This session has been another busy but successful one with a multitude of activities and achievements being recorded throughout the session. Also, the sharing of this information is also reaching a wider audience as we recently exceeded 2000 followers on the St Maurice’s Twitter page!

Many thanks to all staff within the school who work so hard to ensure that our young people have a high quality experience within and beyond the classroom. You have earned your holiday and I wish all of you a safe, enjoyable and restful summer. Similarly, I would like to wish our young people a great summer break; stay safe and have a great summer. Finally, to all connected with our school, thank you for your support throughout this session, have a great summer break!

SQA results will be received by pupils on Tuesday, August 6th and we look forward to hearing of the successes of our young people when the results are released!

The new term begins on August 12th for staff with two in-service days. Pupils return on Wednesday, August 14th at 8.55am.