St Andrew’s High School ‘s policy is that all of our pupils are required are required to wear the school uniform.

Uniforms can be purchased from our official partner Scotcrest

The School Uniform consists of :

  1. A white school shirt/blouse, and school tie which is visible at all times.
  2. Tailored black trousers or black skirt (Leggings, jeans, denim and tracksuits, are not acceptable under any circumstances)
  3. A school blazer with badge
  4. Sensible shoes (black in colour, no trainers/casual footwear)
  5. Plain black jumper or cardigan

Pupils Must Not Wear :

  1. Football colours
  2. Clothing which has offensive slogans or symbols
  3. Clothing carrying advertising, particularly Tobacco, Alcohol or Drugs
  4. Clothing which could cause health & safety difficulties, e.g. Shell Suits or clothing labelled flammable.
  5. Clothing or items which could be used to inflict damage or be used by others to do so, e.g. chains, studs, steel toes caps, ‘knuckle-duster’ rings etc
  6. Valuable items of jewellery or expensive items of clothing.  There is no insurance to cover the loss of such items.
  7. Outer Jackets, they are not part of the school uniform and should be removed on entry to the school building.

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