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September 12, 2017
by Mrs McGinty

Welcome 2017/18

This year the lovely pupils of Room 17 will be taught by Mrs McGinty on a Monday and Tuesday, and Mrs Gilroy on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Miss Davies will be in class until morning break on a Wednesday and will cover French and outdoor PE. We have included some information which we hope you will find useful below:

Health and Wellbeing

Indoor PE – Monday morning.

Outdoor PE – Wednesday morning.

On an indoor PE day, pupils should come to school wearing a polo shirt with either the blue school jumper or grey school jumper/cardigan. They should wear their school skirt/trousers/shorts as usual with their gym shorts underneath. They should bring black gym shoes in their school bag.

On an outdoor PE day, pupils should come to school as they would for a normal PE day but with plain dark tracksuit bottoms or leggings in their bag along with sturdier trainers to change in to.


At the moment pupils are working on one of 2 novels in class for the modelling block. During this time the class reading book will not come home but we would always encourage pupils to read something at home every day. If your child is struggling to find something to read, we have a well stocked library in class and can help them to find something that will help with motivation.


All pupils have made a great start with using Sumdog in school to help them with their progress in numeracy. They have logins for personal use at home and progress through the CfE outcomes can be monitored by both teachers. It really is a tried and tested (and sneaky/great fun!) way of helping your child to learn.

We hope to continue our blog this year to maintain links between school and home. If you have any issues or queries throughout the year, please contact either of us through the school office and we will do our utmost to help.

Mrs Gilroy and Mrs McGinty

June 26, 2017
by gw12logueliam@glow

The Final Day of Health Week

Hello and welcome back to another Knowetop blog.  We are now back at school after yesterday’s election.  Now this is what we did today.  After we did the register, we got on a Hall’s coach and went to Wishaw Sports Centre for swimming.  We swam for about 45 minutes.  Afterwards we did Dry Sports.  Instead of volleyball, we ran around the hall and split into groups.  When we got back to school, it took us up to lunchtime.  The class learned about peace.  If a banana is sold for 30p, the farmer only gets paid 3p!  That isn’t very peaceful!  We then went to the Young Leaders Sports where the P7’s set up sports for us.  Then we went home to enjoy the weekend.

Thank you for reading my blog.😀

by Liam Logue

June 26, 2017
by gw12mathiesoncaitlyn@glow

What we done on Tuesday And Wednesday!

Today we’re going to tell you what we did Tuesday and Wednesday.  Yesterday in the morning the first thing we did was literacy.  Then it was break and when we came inside we did some maths.  The hexagons and pentagons made their own grids and the octagons made pie charts.  Then it was lunch and we had a new teacher in class  and we researched with books facts about plant seeds.  Then it was time to go home.


June 26, 2017
by gw12buckleyrachel@glow

Hannah and Rachel’s blog

Hello world! This is Rachel’s and Hannah’s blog.  On Wednesday I did art.  We made a 3D hand with straight lines.  If you want to make this you will need:

  • pencil
  • paper
  • ruler
  • felt tip / pencil
  • your hand(ha ha ha)

You our start with tracing your hand and with some of your wrist showing. Then you want to get a ruler and draw lines at either side  of your page.  Then you want to draw curves to all the way to connect the lines to either side (do this all the way up you hand).  Then take a felt tip black pen and go over the lines (do not trace around the hand).  Then colour your hand and that’s the final step.

On Thursday we made peace songs in the afternoon (they were amazing ) and that’s the end of Hannah and Rachel’s amazing blog😍



June 26, 2017
by User deactivated


So far today we have just finished a big spelling quiz of 102 words and after that we will be doing a new topic about theme parks. The teacher has just told us to bring in a plastic bag to take some old jotters home. Then we did start to do a sketch of our theme parks then.  We did the big map for at least 2hours and we did a building budget payment sheet.  Everyone did amazing!  That is Thursday in room 17.

June 26, 2017
by User deactivated

Room 17’s Tuesday😊

We are writing a blog about 20th of June which is a Tuesday.  In the morning we come in to start the day; we wrote our words once and there was 102 words.Then we did story writing, this is how we did it –  we rolled the dice with our desk partner then we did it twice more, then we got a grid and it told us what our story was about.  Mine was about a wedding with an abandoned baby, it was really funny, it made me laugh so it might make you laugh too.  Then once we had all finished them we went into story writing seats.  We had a vote on which one was the best out of the stories, then we read it in front of the the class.  In the afternoon we did literacy after we all ate our lunch then went outside to play.  I played with Brea and Chloe, we played in the sandpit for 30 minutes. Then we played gymnastics.  When when we came back in we finished off star writer – Alisha got it, then we went to maths seats.  We got shapes and had to match them along the paper.  We got triangles, octagons and pluses. After that we all got a piece of a5 black paper so along top to bottom we either got to do zigzag or swirly lines, I chose zigzag . After maths it was it was home time so we all went home.  The end💕😋👍✌

June 10, 2017
by User deactivated

All about Friday 😋

On a Friday morning at 9 o’clock we sat down on our chairs and the teacher did the register. After that we got into partners and headed to the bus. Instead of Mrs McGinty taking us Miss Kydd took us. We sat down on the bus and the boys started singing (annoying!) when we got there we went in our groups and into the changing rooms. My group goes swimming 🏊 and the others go to volleyball, 😀 then we switch. At swimming we do different strokes and at the end we get a play time, then we go and get rinsed off then then off to the changing rooms we go.  At volleyball we played a proper game with all of the rules, then onto the bus and away back to school. Sadly. At school we had a quick snack with room 21. And then had lunch, then out to play.  When we got inside we did our plants topic. When we finish that, we go to our Knowetop teams at 2 o’clock. After, the bell rings and we all go home. FINNALLY!😋

by Logan and Sumaiyya

June 10, 2017
by gw12crolyaisha@glow

The start of a new week 🏤🏤📓📘📙📕📚📖✏️📝

It is the start of the new week and everybody is up bright and early for the start of… HEALTH WEEK🍉🍏🍎🍓. Even though it doesn’t sound that good it is one of the best weeks for Knowetop. So we started the day with some spelling.  It was supposed to be revision week but then Mrs McGinty realised we have did already did the words 😂 so we did “ed” words instead. Then the snack time bell rang🔔🔔 and we all went out into the playground and came in for the first bit of health week🍎🍏 we did RUGBY🏉. The coaches were from Dalziel dragons a rugby 🏉team close to our school🏣.  They taught us how to play  and we played some fun games 😀.  After we were finished rugby 🏉we finshed reading and the bell rang for lunch🍞🧀🍩.  After lunch we done some maths the Octagons did shapes, Hexagons did graphs and the Pentagons did their 6x and 7x table.  After maths we did our peace ✌🏻topic it was linked to fairtrade.  After we did the peace topic the bell rang 🔔🔔🔔 and we all went home🏡🏡.

By Aisha Croly & Naimh Kippen👯

June 10, 2017
by gw12hendrycasey2@glow

Our Crazy Day!😜

Hi it’s Casey and Lily and today we’re going to talk about our crazy day. First we did the smoothie bike.  We got into groups to make a smoothie.  We had the option to pick what we wanted in our smoothies. We had a turn each to cycle on the bike for 10 seconds then we switched over, when everyone had finished we got to taste our smoothie.  Then we went upstairs in the classroom we got into groups to make a den which was really entertaining. Lots of people brought in stuff for the dens .When we finished our dens we got to sit in it and eat lunch in it.  Unfortunately we had to take them down an hour later.  After we took them down the room 21 P5’s came to our class to do proud to be me.  Our opinion was really weird and funny but we have to learn about it anyway.  It’s life – it will happen to all of us! I hope you enjoyed us talking to you about our out of this world day.


June 10, 2017
by gw12jacksongrant2@glow

😎Fun Inflatable Day😎

Me and my whole class where lined up ready to go outside.  For the inflatables me, Ben, Ethan, Innes, Alisha, Amber and Eve were in the football group.  We had to strap ourseves up and move to left and right and then we went to the golf group and the time was up and it was a draw 200 – 200!  The next group was the obstacle course.  We had to take our shoes off and all the boys done front flips over the tubes.  The very last group was demolotion only 4 people were allowed on at a time.  You had to knock each other off but it was safe because we had helmets on.  It was a very sunny day and I guarantee everyone would do it again.

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