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Buddy Visit

Our new P1’s for session 2016-17 came to school today.  All of the buddies were so excited to see their new friends and hear all of their Easter news.

It was a beautiful day. We enjoyed playing in the area, making gorgeous crowns and some fun in the sunshine.

On Friday the 6th May we are inviting all of our new P1’s back again at 1.30pm.  This is the same day as our enterprise art gallery opening ‘We Heart Art’.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Rights Team Meeting Notes

Rights Respecting Steering Group Meeting

Tuesday 30th March 2016 1.15pm-2pm


What did we talk about? What we will do? How we will do it?

Pupil Voice boxes





Rights Team walkround














Discuss the entries in the Pupil Voice boxes.




We will plan a walkround of our school which shows how our physical environment supports rights.


We will discuss some of the articles of the UNCRC.




We discussed the entries in the Pupil Voice boxes. We will share some of our ideas about the suggestions with the whole school at assembly after the Easter Holidays.


We walked around school and took notes of areas that have been developed in our school to help us be rights respecting.



We looked at our UNCRC booklets and shared them with our classes to encourage everyone to learn more about rights.

Primary 1 learn how to keep healthy!

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Primary 1 are learning all about the Healthcare System through the interactive learning zones in our classroom.  As Article 24 states: all children have the right to the best possible health care, so our class wanted to find out about the different places and people that help to keep us healthy.  We have a Baby Clinic Role-play Area, Paramedics Small World Area, Hospital Role-play Area and Pharmacy Role-play Area.  The children can investigate, explore and enhance their learning about each aspect, while also developing important social skills, such as turn taking and sharing.  Best of all, they are having so much fun!!!

Rights Team Meeting

Rights Team Meeting

Monday 14th March 2016

What did we talk about? What we will do? How we will do it?

World Water Day 2016









Rights Tour of School
















We will share with our school the importance of World Water Day.







We started to think about how our physical environment reflects learning about children’s rights.




We will present an assembly on World Water day. We will practice a role-play about a boy called Ryan who raised money to build wells in northern Uganda.

Mrs Wilson will show a short Water aid video clip at assembly.

We will host a school quiz on water knowledge during assembly.


We walked around our school making notes of all the areas in our school that are rights respecting.

Rights Team Minutes

Rights Respecting Steering Group Meeting

Tuesday 23rd February 2016 1.15pm-2pm

What did we talk about? What we will do? How we will do it?

February Competition








Pupil Voice boxes




Assembly ideas






Article displayed in our classrooms





We will plan a competition for to help our whole school learn about the importance of rights in a fun way.






Encourage everyone to use the Pupil Voice boxes.


We will suggest ideas for our next rights assembly.





We will show how we are learning about rights by displaying the UNCRC articles next to our rights based learning.


We will organise a competition to write a rap or song about rights. We will tell everyone at assembly.

We will judge the winners at our next meeting.

We will put a reminder on the school blog and twitter.


We will remind everyone in our class to use the Pupil Voice boxes.

We will put a reminder on the school blog and twitter.

Ava will write a story about a child enjoying their rights and a child not enjoying their rights and share at assembly.

Kaitlyn, Billie and Emma will create and perform a role-play of children not allowing other children to access their rights.

We will remind our teachers to display the articles next to rights based work or rights based areas around our school.





Rights Team Meeting Minutes

Rights Respecting Steering Group Meeting

Tuesday 26th January 2016 1.15pm-2pm



What did we talk about? What we will do? How we will do it?

Friendship centre.







Holocaust memorial day 2016.






We will help everyone enjoy their right to play by establishing and running a Friendship Centre in our playground.





We talked about Holocaust Memorial day on Thursday. We listened to the story of Anne Frank and identified the rights she was denied before she went into hiding and whilst she was in hiding.


We set up a rota for Friendship centre. We planned games and the rules of the games to play at Friendship Centre. Reports suggest the Friendship centre is very popular with P1-P4 children.




We will retell the story of Anne Frank at assembly on Thursday. We found photographs of Anne Frank and her hiding place online and made a slideshow of the photographs to show at assembly. We will gather props to help us in the retelling of the story. We will ask our audience to identify rights Anne was denied.

We will watch a short clip about Anne Frank in hiding from Youtube.