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World of Work

P7 enjoyed a fun week last week learning about the wonderful world of work and about how our many skills and qualities can be applied to future careers. We kicked of the week with the animal me personalities quiz. By answering just a few questions we were able to find the animal that most associated with our personality, the skills and qualities we possess, and some jobs which may work well with these.

Another hot topic of the week was gender equality. Do you think gender can affect how good someone is at their job? Primary 7 certainly do not and neither do the 138 people who filled out our online survey to give us their opinions. We found that although some people still hold stereotypes or have preferences towards gender within certain jobs such as doctors, nurses, teachers or scientists, the overall majority felt that both genders could be as good at any job or career they choose.


Primary 7 have had an exciting week as we started our transition project for Greenfaulds’ English department, based on the Michael Morpurgo book ‘Shadow’. Michael Morpurgo is one of our favorite authors as his books always involve animals. This week we recorded our prior knowledge, used information from the text to create a visualization of character. We can’t wait to show off our learning to Mr Gardiner who will be visiting us from Greenfaulds High School next week.


World War II

This term Primary 7 have been learning all about World War 2. We have been shocked to find out about the experiences of the victims of WWII and the basic human rights that were taken away from those who were forced to go into hiding or put into concentration camps. We ¬†are finding it very interesting. We can’t wait to learn more!


Primary 7 visited Kilbowie outdoor centre from the 7th of November until the 11th. We had a great time and really challenged ourselves as we took on a range of outdoor activities which most of us had never done before. We can’t wait to redraft our recounts so that others can read about our adventures.

House Captain Elections

Primary 7 have had a busy few weeks as Ravenswood prepares to vote for the house captains of 2016-2017. Campaigns are going strong as our Primary 7’s from all three houses compete to be the best and earn the captain title for their house. Speeches are at the ready! We can’t wait to find out the results from Friday’s election.