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Big Me Day in P4

P4 dressed up as what they would like to be when they grow up. We had accountants, makeup artists, footballers and more. We also learned about gender equality today. All of the teachers dressed up as professions that are male dominated. We agreed that you should be able to do the job you want regardless of your gender.

‘Animal Me’ in P4

P4 completed the ‘animal me’ quiz to find out what types of jobs would suit our individual strengths and skills. We had confident black bears, logical polar bears, trustworthy dolphins and more.

P4 Viking Oatcakes

P4 used a traditional Viking recipe to make oatcakes. We mixed flour, oats and vegetable oil together and then cooked them on a griddle. We then served the them with a drizzle of honey. Most of us liked the taste but some were not so sure.

P4 Longboat Figureheads

P4 learned about Viking longboats. We learned that they often had a figurehead at the front of them which was carved to look like a fierce sea monster to scare the enemy. We looked at different examples of figureheads and then sketched our own design using a pencil.

P4 Viking Rune Stones

P4 have been going Viking Crazy. We used clay to make our own rune stones and marked them with our initials using the Viking alphabet.

Primary 4 Sports Stations

Primary 4 were really excited to try out all of the new sports equipment that we have. We took part in stations to practice skills in throwing, running, jumping and shooting. We love staying active!

Primary 4 Scotland

Primary 4 have been learning all about Scotland. We used search engines to create a snapshot of this beautiful country. We learned about the main cities and towns as well as traditional food and songs. We also wrote imaginative stories about Nessie which we will post for you next week.

Children in Need

P4 had a wonderful time hosting their fundraising day for BBC Children in Need. We held a bake sale, face painting and sold lots of Pudsey merchandise. We are so pleased to announce that we raised nearly £500 for this wonderful cause. We have really enjoyed learning all about this charity and what it does to help children across the UK. We will now write persuasive letters to their head office to persuade them to spend the money on some of our charities of choice. Thank you to all who contributed 🙂