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Primary 1 learn how to keep healthy!

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Primary 1 are learning all about the Healthcare System through the interactive learning zones in our classroom.  As Article 24 states: all children have the right to the best possible health care, so our class wanted to find out about the different places and people that help to keep us healthy.  We have a Baby Clinic Role-play Area, Paramedics Small World Area, Hospital Role-play Area and Pharmacy Role-play Area.  The children can investigate, explore and enhance their learning about each aspect, while also developing important social skills, such as turn taking and sharing.  Best of all, they are having so much fun!!!

Primary 1 visit the Pharmacy!

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Primary 1 visited a Pharmacy as part of our ‘Keeping Healthy’ interdisciplinary learning theme.  We found out what happens to prescriptions and saw real pharmacist working hard.  Then we examined the difference between medicines you can buy in a shop and the medicines you can only get in a Pharmacy.  We know medicines are dangerous and that we should never touch them without an adult.

Primary 1 learn about Measure!

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Primary 1 are learning about Measure through problem based learning activities and purposeful play.  In our classroom we have a “Science Lab” to help us learn about capacity, a “Dinosaur Park” to help us learn measure vocabulary, a “Construction Site” to help us learn about length and a “Bakery” to help us learn about weight.  We had great fun using our interactive areas to practise our measuring skills on Number Day!