Money raised

The school show has raised £814.30 from ticket and craft sales. Thank you to all those who contributed. The majority will go into school fund to help pay for pupil activities and a donation of £150 will be sent to St Andrew’s Hospice.

Indoor/Gym Shoes





It has come to my attention that many of our pupils’ indoor shoes have fallen into a state of disrepair and are a potential trip hazard. Others no longer fit.


All pupils have been instructed to bring their indoor shoes home. Please check the condition and fit of your child’s shoes over the holiday and replace if necessary. If your child’s shoes are fine, just return them for their continued use in January.


Please help us by assuring that all pupils do have a pair of safe indoor shoes for Monday 9th January 2017.


Thank you and Merry Christmas

Thanks for the terrific support at our school shows tonight.

Can I remind everyone that recording of the performance was prohibited. If you have photographs with other people’s children in them please be respectful as to how and where these are shared. Thanks for your cooperation with this.

On behalf of everyone at Plains Primary, we would like to wish all of our families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.choir

Christmas Parties- Wednesday 21st December-Reminders



The P1-3 party will be in the morning. We are expecting a special visitor and hope he arrives around 11.30 am. Parents are permitted to come in and see this part of the party.

P4-7 party will be in the afternoon. Although we don’t expect a special visitor to this party, it will still be full of fun and games.

All pupils are encouraged to wear their party clothes and are welcome to wear them all day long.