Promoting Children’s Rights

Learning About Children’s Rights in New Monkland Primary School and Nursery

NMPS continue to adopt the principles of Rights by continuing to link their, work, practice and thinking to the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child.

As a school we aim to embed children’s Rights in the whole ethos and culture of our school. Our aim is to allow our children to be a part of school community which is┬ábased on the principles of equality, dignity, respect, non-discrimination and participation.

Our Rights Respecting School is a community where our children’s Rights are learned, practiced , respected, protected and promoted. Ask your child about Rights, we are sure you will be amazed at their mature and knowledgeable answers!

To recognise our children’s achievements in relation to Rights, from January 2019, a RRS Pupil of the Month is being awarded to a pupil from each class. This person is nominated because their work, words or actions shows an understanding of Rights. Check Twitter to see who the well deserved winners are each month.

To help us take Rights out of our school and into our homes, the RRS Steering group created the Right of the Month. Check Twitter to see which article is chosen each month and this can be used as a discussion point at home.


Below is just some of the amazing work that goes on in NMPS. Take a look!



Ask your child/children about what they have been learning about the UNCRC and children’s rights.