Launch Pad

UNICEF LaunchPad Fun!!

To support our learning about the UNCRC and the articles the school and nursery have signed up to use a fantastic website called LaunchPad!!

The boys and girls will be using the game in the classroom, at ICT time and might be included as part of  homework at various times.

We hope this will deepen our  knowledge and further inspire us to enjoy our rights as set out in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Launchpad will take children and young people on a journey through space to experience their rights.  There are different missions linking to each of the 42 articles for: level 1; level 2; and level 3.

You can find out more about LaunchPad and how to use it on the website or download the full Guidance for Adults document.  It is completely free to use both in school and at home.

So go on, see how far you can get!!

Passwords and Usernames are;

Nursery: Username: NWNursery
Password: nursery

P1- Username: MrsHMissG
Password: primaryone

P2- Username: MissSaleem
Password: primarytwo

P3- Username: MissTorley
Password: primarythree

P5- Username: MissJohnston
Password: primaryfive

P6- Username: MrsHendry
Password: primarysix

P7- Username: MissRae
Password: primaryseven


Have Fun!!