Language: Literacy (including a modern language)

Language is at the heart of children’s learning. We place a great deal of emphasis on the teaching of reading, writing, listening and talking. At Muirhouse Primary School, we implement the guidelines and principles outlined in North Lanarkshire’s Active Literacy Programme.


All pupils are encouraged to read a range of materials including levelled texts, novels and non-fiction books. At Muirhouse Primary School we actively encourage our pupils to read a range of materials both at home and at school. From an early age, pupils experience lessons to promote fluency and comprehension. This learning is evidenced in the children’s daily writing and read-to- write activities. Pupils are taught to analyse the texts they read, using word attack and comprehension strategies.


Our aim is to encourage children to organise their thoughts and ideas, and to express them in the appropriate written form, with appropriate vocabulary. Spelling, grammar and handwriting are taught within the language programme and are related to the individual child’s needs. Children are given opportunities to produce pieces of extended writing in a range of genres, with real- life contexts related to the children’s own experiences or learning.

Listening and Talking

The school provides opportunities for a wide range of different kinds of talking and listening. Pupils are encouraged to listen to each other, to staff, to visitors. Listening and Talking is embedded into all aspects of literacy, especially reading and writing lessons.

Modern Foreign Languages

The school currently implements French through the Primary 6 and 7 curriculum with many opportunities to talk, read, write and listen.