New documents added

Please note the Child Protection Policy has been updated and can be found in the Policy section of the blog.

The Head Teacher is the Child Protection Co-ordinator, and in her absence The Depute Head Teacher can be contacted re any child protection concerns.

The School Improvement Report and Plan have also been added to the policy section.

Coming Soon! Parent portal

As intimated in the newsletter, we will be moving toward paperless communication and the Parent Portal will be a key part of this. Please find attached, a letter giving more information about this.

Remember to update us on any changes to contact details and to supply us with an up to date email address.


Parents Portal letter 2

Open Morning-Wednesday 28th August

Parents and Carers are invited to an open morning from just after registration to 10.30am on Wednesday 28th August. Tea and coffee will be served in the hall and you will have the opportunity to visit your child’s class to meet the teacher and see some of the learning. We look forward to seeing you then.

Week 1 Menu

Option 1


Turkey burger
with homemade
wedges with
chopped vegetable
Chicken curry
with rice and
spiced onions
Pork link sausages
with mashed potato
and baked beans
(v) option
available on request
Roast beef with
baby boiled potatoes,
Yorkshire pudding
and broccoli
Breaded fish,
chips and peas
Option 2

Tomato pasta
with garlic bread
and salad (v)
Filled baked potato
with beans and
cheese (v) *
Tuna pasta
with carrot
Cheese and tomato
pizza with homemade
sweet potato wedges
and salad (v)
Cheese and
potato pasty
and a side of
vegetables (v)
Snack 2 go
Sandwich, drink
plus item from
white box below
Choice of cheese,
ham or tuna
Choice of cheese,
cucumber cream
cheese or tuna
Choice of cheese,
ham or tuna
Choice of cheese,
ham or tuna
Choice of cheese,
egg mayo or tuna
Soup, sweet
treat, fruit or
Potato and leek soup (v)
orchard cupcake, fruit
or yoghurt
Lentil soup (v)
fruity Tuesday
or yoghurt
Minestrone soup (v)
homebaking selection
fruit or yoghurt
Chicken and rice
soup, strawberry
shortbread, fruit or
Lentil soup (v)
jelly and fruit Friday

Arrangements for tomorrow!

Staff have been working extremely hard getting everything ready for tomorrow and can’t wait to welcome all pupils into Muirhouse tomorrow.  In case you have been unable to download the letter, here are the first day arrangements.

P1 arrangements

As intimated in June, all P1 children will now work in Room 1 with Miss Wiseman and Mrs Chand being the named teachers for P1a and Miss McCallum taking charge of P1b.

First day arrangements

As a result of this change, all P1 children should arrive at 9.30am on Wednesday 14th August. Please enter by the main entrance and gather in the hall. Pupils will be met by their teachers and escorted to their classroom. Parents can return at 2.30pm, again by the main door. They can then visit the class to collect their child and have the opportunity to take photographs etc.

From the second day, P1 pupils will line up at the infant door at 8.55am and be brought out to parents in the infant playground for 3pm. Please ensure that your child knows who is collecting them at the end of the day.

Lining up arrangements for the rest of the school

These arrangements will change as the work progresses, but the plan for the first week or so are as follows:

P2, P2/3, P3 and P3/4- line up at the infant door. Pupils will also exit by this door.

P4, P5a, P5b, P6a and P6b- line up at the senior doors. Pupils will also exit by this door at 3pm.

P7a and P7b- line up at the gym hall door in the playground. Pupils will also exit by this door at 3pm.