Transfer of Services to Pay360 Limited

We’re contacting you to let you know that, as of 1st May 2019, there will be a change to how debit and credit card payments you make to us will appear on our payment pages and on your bank statements.
Why is a change needed?
Some of the payment services which we currently contract to Capita Business Services need to transfer to Pay360 Limited (also a Capita subsidiary) to ensure continued compliance with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulations. The regulations are industry-wide and this isn’t specific to Capita-run payment services.
What is changing?
From 1st May 2019 you will notice the following differences:
• You will see Pay360 branding and company details on our payment pages
• The billing descriptor on your bank statement will change from “CAPITA*schoolname” to Pay360*schoolname”
Q: Who should I contact if I need further support?
A: If you need further support please get in touch with our help-desk using the contact details
Pay360 by Capita Helpdesk
t: 0870 162 7899
f: 0870 162 7801
Capita plc

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