Party Arrangements Reminder



11th Dec pm- P2

12th Dec pm- P7

13th Dec pm-P6

17th Dec pm-P1

18th Dec pm-P5

19th Dec pm P3/4

All school parties are in the afternoon. 1.20-3pm as usual.

20th Dec am and pm- Nursery

Lunchtime arrangements– Lunchtime normally starts at 12.30pm, but we are aware that some parents may wish to take their children home for lunch to get ready for the party.

To allow more time for this, on the day of their party, the children will be taken to the lunch hall at 12.15pm, where they can be met by the parent if going home. Please note that as there is no lollipop person at 12.15pm, parents must collect the child in person or give written consent for them to be allowed to go home by themselves.

There is no obligation for parents to take children home at lunchtime on party days. It is perfectly acceptable to come to school in party clothes in the morning or to bring them in a bag and change into them at lunchtime.

Parents of P1 children only may return at 2.15pm to see children receive their gift from Santa.

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