Kilbowie: Day 4

It was our final day of activities today and everyone was very excited. It was the turn of Miss Napier and different groups to head down to the gorges, we all got to jump from a waterfall before enjoying some hot blackcurrant and the famous Kilbowie energy bars. We all left soaking wet but with a massive smile on our face.

As the weather was still very nice some of us even got to go sailing. We were all allowed a go at steering and sailed over to an island beside Oban where we got out and have a wee look before sailing back to the centre. Some of us were quite scared we would fall in the water but we all had a great.

After we had all dried up and shared our stories it was time for dinner which was eaten quickly to allow us to get ready for our disco!

We enjoyed dancing with a lot of our new friends from the different primary schools and we partied on until past 9 o’clock. It was then time to sing happy birthday to the birthday girl and we all enjoyed a piece of birthday cake before heading back to our dorms and get ready for our last night sleeping in our beds. We stayed up chatting about our week before collapsing into our beds with exhaustion (even the teachers!!).

IMG_6644  IMG_6645  IMG_6647

IMG_6655  IMG_6653  IMG_6660

IMG_6666  IMG_6668  IMG_6669

IMG_6670  IMG_6672  IMG_6674

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IMG_6721  IMG_6737  IMG_6740

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IMG_6755  IMG_6761  IMG_6763

IMG_6764  IMG_6765  IMG_6767


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