Room 8

Primary 3

June 4, 2019
by Miss Tham

4 weeks to go!

In Literacy all of our reading groups have started their final novel of Primary 3.  We are very confident at completing tasks independently.  We are definitely ready for Primary 4.  We are successful learners!


In Maths, we have continued to learn about fractions!  We can find a half, third, quarter, fifth and  tenth.  We can find a fraction of a number mentally, using our timestables and by drawing groups.  Last week we completed our fraction assessment.  Miss Tham thinks that we are Super Stars!  This week we have been exploring time.  We have been revising o’clock and half past on an analogue clock.

We have been learning about another extreme weather – FLOODING!  We watched videos and talked about ways to stay safe.

During P.E. we have been developing our hockey skills.  Here are some pictures of us in action!


Here are our most recent Weekly Wonders and Gold Awards.  Well done everybody!


May 20, 2019
by Miss Tham

This Week in Room 8…

Again it has been a very busy week for everyone in Room 8!

In Literacy we learned some new and very tricky phonemes – ‘t’ and ‘oa’.  Can you correctly sort these phoneme words?

boat      coat     Tuesday      tuna

goat    picture     future     nature

We read a story about an extreme weather.  It was called Bringing the Rain to the Kapiti Plain.  It was about a terrible drought that was ended by a magical weather feather.  We acted the story out in groups and retold the main events during our Exciting Writing.


In Maths we started a new topic – FRACTIONS!  We know the denominator is the number on the bottom.  This number tells us how many equal parts.  We know the number on top is called the numerator.  This number tells us how many parts are coloured.  We have investigated halves and quarters.  We are learning to find a fraction of a shape, group and number.  Today we explored thirds.

Again we have had lots of Weekly Wonders and Gold Awards.  We are so proud of one another.  Well done boys and girls!



May 10, 2019
by Miss Tham

This week…

This week in Room 8 we have been celebrating lots of success!  Many of us has achieved a Gold Award and a Weekly Wonder as a result of our excellent work and behaviour.  Here is a photo of our Golds and Weekly Wonders from the past few weeks.  Well done to everyone!


In Maths, we have continued to learn some division strategies.  Although division is tricky we are getting much more confident!  Today was our final day of division.  We learned a written strategy that we like to call our ‘division steps’.  It was a challenge but most of us went for green on the traffic light system.  Some of us went for amber as we would like a little more practise carrying.

In Literacy Horrid Henry learned a new task – story steps.  We really enjoyed picking out the main parts from chapters 2 and 3 with Miss Tham and proving it with a page number.  Fantastic Mr. Fox and Katie Morag learned a new name for their Find It, Prove It and Talk About It task.  This new name is inference.

This week we also learned that we will be visiting Dynamic Earth in June for our school trip.  We cannot wait to visit this Edinburgh landmark and to learn more about our new topic – Weather.

April 29, 2019
by Miss Tham

Super Stars!

In Room 8 we always work very hard but last week there were some stand out pupils who made Miss Tham extra proud.  These pupils produced some spectacular pieces of work which we all agreed earned them a well deserved Gold Award.  Well done boys and girls from everyone in Room 8!

April 25, 2019
by Miss Tham

Spring Time!

In Literacy we have been focussing on poetry.  We have been looking for imagery in some Easter poems.  We have also been learning about personification which makes things come alive.  We have written our own acrostic poems describing Easter and Spring.


In Maths we have continued to learn our timetables.  We have been focussing on our 5’s and our 4’s.  We can now use the skip counting, arrays, equal groups, number line and repeated addition strategies.  Tomorrow we will multiplying bigger numbers using chimney sums.


Last week we finished our Edinburgh purposeful play.  This week our play activities helped up to explore Charles Rennie Mackintosh.  We cannot wait to find out what our next topic will be!  Last week we all took part in the Easter Bonnet Parade.  We were very proud of our creations.  We also took part in an Easter Egg Hunt! It was lots of fun but we had to do lots of thinking to find the next clue!  Last Thursday we enjoyed watching the fabulous boys and girls presenting the Spring Service.




March 22, 2019
by Miss Tham


Katie Morag have been creating visualisers at Literacy time.  We have been reading our books carefully to find quotes and matching page numbers to match our pictures.  Fantastic Mr. Fox have been learning to use the dictionary to help them find out the meaning of tricky words.  We are becoming more confident.  Horrid Henry have again moved on to read a different colour of books.  We have been reading some non-fiction books which are full of facts and information.  We will soon be ready to start our chapter books!

We have now completed our measure topic.  We finished by looking at volume.  We know that ml and l are different units that are used for volume.  Today we completed our measure assessments.  We cannot wait to see how we got on!  After the holidays we will be learning multiplication.

For our Edinburgh topic we have been learning about some Scottish inventors.  We know about Alan MacMasters who invented the toaster.  We know about Alexander Graham Bell who invented the telephone.  We also know about John Logie Baird who invented the television.  Primary 3 created some artwork yesterday of the fireworks at Edinburgh Castle at New Year.  We used paint to create our masterpieces.

Here are our last 2 Weekly Wonders.  Well done!

March 1, 2019
by Miss Tham

The month of February

Room 8 have been very busy as usual!

In Literacy, we have continued using our spelling strategies to spell our common words.  We can spot phonemes, words within words and compound words.  We have started using syllabification to identify how many syllables a word has.  For Exciting Writing we have been using our notes from our topic work to create information reports.

In Maths, we have started learning about MEASURE! We started with length.  Length is how long, short or wide an object is.  The units we learned about were cm, m and km.  We used instruments like a ruler, metre stick and a trundle wheel.  Now we have moved on to look at weight.  Weight is how light or heavy an object is.  The units we have been looking at are g and kg.  We have used instruments such as a two-pan balance scale and digital scales.  Next week we will try another type of scales.

For our Edinburgh topic we have been looking at lots of different maps of Scotland and Edinburgh.  We can use an atlas to find towns and cities on a map of Scotland.  We have been locating and learning about some famous Edinburgh Landmarks.  This week Room 8 learned about different Coats of Arms.  We know the main parts of a Coat of Arms are the motto, supporters, shield, crest, helmet and compartment.  We used this information to create our own Coat of Arms.

Here is a picture of our last 3 weekly wonders –


February 19, 2019
by Miss Tham

Purposeful Play!

Room 8 are continuing to learn about Edinburgh through play.  In the literacy cosy corner we used our imaginations to write some exciting postcards to our friends and family about our trip to Edinburgh.  In the role play area we pretended to be tourists and information guides. At the creative station we looked at some optical illusions and then created some of our own to share with our grown ups. Meanwhile, at the investigation area we located some famous landmarks on maps of Edinburgh. The children at the construction area designed and created an object to help them travel across the River Leith. There were lots of great ideas ranging from boats and bridges to planes. Lastly, the children at the malleable area were experimenting with slime. To investigate solids and liquids. Here are some pictures…

February 4, 2019
by Miss Tham

An update from Room 8

In Literacy we continued to look at some Scot’s words.  We learned that boggin’ means dirty and that lang means long.  Room 8 wrote a recount about our delicious Burns Supper.  We used lots of time words to help us talk about the supper in order.

In Maths, we learned our final subtraction strategies – inverse and chimney sums.  We can use our addition to help us complete magic triangles.  Tomorrow we will try borrowing in our chimney sums.

We have started learning about Edinburgh.  We all went on an imaginative train journey together.  We had to remember our train tickets! Some of us were colouring, some of our were practising our Chinese numbers, others were playing on phones/ iPads, others were reading and some children were sleeping.  We also learned about the Zodiac calendar.  Lots of the children in our class were born in the year of the Rabbit.  Some of us are Dragons and 1 of us is a Tiger.

Here is a picture of last weeks weekly wonder…


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