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P7-S1 Transition

Please click on the links below to find useful transition booklets that your child can work on to help prepare them for the move to high school.  A few of the booklets link really well to the tasks Mrs Waddell and I have organised for each day this week.

Transition Activities 1

Transition Activities 2

Transition Activities 3


Transition Task Day 1

In the First activity this week we will be thinking about your move to High School.  Moving from Primary to High School is all very exciting and new but at the same time it can be scary and daunting. Have a think about your hopes and what you are looking forward to.  Write down what you are excited about and subjects you are interested in learning.

Next, do you have any worries or concerns about starting High School? It does not matter how big or how small or how silly you think it is, sometimes putting it down on paper and trying to find a solution can make it seem a little better. Write down any worries or fears you have about leaving primary and starting secondary and rate them on how bad they make you feel on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being a little worried to 5 being extremely worried).

Then, write down some different ways that you can help to stop or ease these fears and worries you have. It can be something practical, solving the problem, talking to someone, finding out if it is true or not. Try to come up with a plan to help lessen your concerns.

Transition Task Day 2

To start preparing for your new school, today’s task is to try to find out some more about it.  Using the High School’s website, school handbook or family, carry out some research about different aspects of your new school. Select some of the questions below the and answer as best you can using the information you have found.

  1. When was the school built?
  2. When does the new term supposed to begin in August for staff and for pupils?
  3. How many pupils are there in the school? How many staff are there, including non-teaching staff?
  4. What are the different departments within the school? Can you find out who the head of each department is?
  5. Pick a department from the website and explore this section. What information can you find out about that subject?
  6. What does the school day look like? Starting times, breaks, finishing and length of each class?
  7. Can you identify some of the school rules that you will be expected to follow? Are they different from ours at Langloan?
  8. What other primary schools have pupils who will be starting the same high school as you?
  9. Can you find out who the staff are that you will be able to go to if you need some support, help or guidance when you start or at any point in the year?

Transition Task Day 3

It is time to start preparing for your move to high school.  Today’s task will help you focus on what your new school uniform will look like and will allow you to start thinking of what you need to order and what you would like to wear.

Research your new high school uniform.  Use the school websites or handbooks to help you.  What do they expect you to wear?  Draw a labelled sketch of you wearing your new school uniform.  Think about the school colours etc. too. Hopefully this task will help you to make a list of the things you will need.

Transition Task Day 4

Today’s tasks focuses on getting all of the equipment you will need for your move to high school.  Try to brainstorm the different subject areas you will be time tabled for in first year.

Write a list of the most important pieces of equipment you think you will need to make things as easy as possible in each class.  Remember that lots of subject areas will have specialised equipment.  You are only listing things you feel you need.


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