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June 14, 2016
by Miss Girvan

Sports Day at Ladywell! ⚽🏀🏃🏅

The weather stayed dry for us and this morning we had our Ladywell Sports Day!

We had 10 events in total and were split into teams with other children, across all stages, who are in our houses – Avon, Calder and Clyde

All of the events were fantastic but we wondered what was our class favourite was…

“My favourite was the sprint” – Adam

“My favourite was the goal kick” – Melissa

“I really liked the egg and spoon race” – Ethan

“I liked goal kick” – Charlie

“My favourite was the basketball shoot” – Lewis

“I really liked the goal kick” – Mary

“I liked the sprint” – Katie

“My favourite was the goal kick” – Cameron

“I liked the speed bounce” – Taylor

“I liked the basketball shoot” – Daniel

“My favourite activity was the speed bounce” – Chelcie

“I liked the speed bounce too” – Erin

“I liked the long jump with the cones” – Aidan

“I liked the bean bag jump” – Derin

“The basketball shoot was my favourite” – Jayden

“My favourite was the egg and spoon race” – Ryan

“My favourite one was the sprint” – Kaiden

“I really liked the speed bounce” – Lauren

“The egg and spoon race was my favourite” – Blair

“I liked the shuttlecock throw” – Aaron

“My favourite was the bean bag jump” – Connie

“I liked the egg and spoon race & the goal kick” – Christopher

“The bean bag jump was my favourite” – Callum

Our class favourites were the goal kick, the egg & spoon race and the speed bounce!

Well done to Cameron who won the P4 sprint final and to all the P4s and P3s in P4/3 that took part in the sprint finals!

We are still waiting to find out the winning team and house – will it be Avon, Calder or ClydE???


June 10, 2016
by Miss Girvan

Busy Week in Primary 4/3!

This week has been a busy one for our class!


On Monday the Primary 4s in our class took part in the Race for Life run at the Duchess Park with P5, 6 and 7. We ran, jogged or walked twice around the park and along with our walk from and to the school we completed close to 5K! It was such a warm day but we managed it and had a medal waiting for us when we got back to school! Thank you to all our family members who sponsored us and those who came to cheer us on!



Mardi was French Focus Day at Ladywell. Mademoiselle Girvan gave us lots of instructions to follow…

levez-vous (stand up)

asseyez-vous (sit down)

regarder (look) 👀

écouter (listen) 👂

Primary 2a hosted a fantastique French sing-along in the hall and we performed Frère Jacques which we found out means Brother John in english.

We took part in lots of French activities, created French artwork and spoke as much French as we could!

Nous aimons Français! 💙



Another busy day on Wednesday! It was the day of our class trip to the People’s Palace in Glasgow Green! We had a great day in Glasgow! We took part in a workshop called Age of Invention where we could touch items from the past and present. We then worked as a group to put these items in order from old to new. Our tour guide Laura then took us round other parts of the People’s Palace Museum where we got to go “Doon the Water” work in “The Steamie” and see what life was like living in a single end. After a busy morning we had a lovely picnic in the park and played in the sunshine!


After a busy week of races, french, school trips and two hard working days back in class on Thursday and Friday we are looking forward to the weekend and the Ladywell Summer Fayre on Saturday!! 🌞

Happy Friday from Primary 4/3! 😊

June 9, 2016
by Miss Girvan

People’s Palace Trip

Yesterday we visited the People’s Palace in Glasgow Green!

We took part in a workshop called ‘Age of Invention’ where we got to handle items from the past and present – these included cameras, irons and telephones.

We had to work as a group to put our items in order from old to new.

Our guide Laura took us around the museum where we saw a single end home in a tenement – she told us that one whole family would all live in a single end sharing beds and even bath water!

We also went ‘Doon the Water’ where we saw where people went their holidays, what they wore and what they took with them.

Then we went to the ‘Steamie’ where we washed and dried our clothes.

After our busy morning we had a picnic in the park and enjoyed the sunshine!


“I really liked going Doon the Water!” Erin

“It was nice eating our lunch outside!” Cameron

“I know what a single end is now!” Adam

“It was interesting seeing what a single end looks like” Daniel

“I liked washing the clothes in the Steamie!” Matthew

“The gift shop had lots of interesting things!” Derin

“I didn’t like the smell of the soap in the Steamie!!” Melissa

“I had an apron on in the Steamie!” Mary

“I was scrubbing clothes clean in the Steamie!” Aidan

“It was fun working in the Steamie!” Connie

“I had never seen a single end” Katie

“The fountain outside cooled us down!!” Ryan

“It was an amazing day!!” Callum

“We don’t wash our clothes like they did in the Steamie!” Ethan

“Laura was very interesting!” Lauren

“Laura was very slow at dialling 999 on the old telephone – EMcF was much faster on the mobile!” Taylor

“It was fun working in the Buttercup Dairy!” Lewis

June 6, 2016
by Miss Girvan

Race for Life at Duchess Park 🏃

This afternoon Primary 4s from P4/3 joined P5s, 6s & 7s and took part in a Race for Life run around the Duchess Park and raise money for Cancer Research.

2 laps around the park and a walk to & from the school means we all ran, jogged or walked 5K!

Thank you to all our families for sponsoring us & to those who came along to cheer us on!!

20160606_130804 20160606_132507 20160606_144239

June 6, 2016
by Miss Girvan

Poetry Writing in P4/3 ✏

We had a week of poetry writing last week in Primary 4/3

We learned that a Haiku poem has 3 lines, a pattern of 5-7-5 syllables & have a theme about nature or the seasons. We also learned that Acrostic poems have topic words hidden in the first few letters of each line & that by reading the letters vertically we will find the theme of the poem. We know that Acrostic poems do not need to rhyme.

We wrote a Haiku about summer, read it below…


We wrote an Acrostic poem about Miss Girvan & she wrote one about our class. Read it below…



May 20, 2016
by Miss Girvan

Our Assembly!!

Thank you to all family visitors who came to watch our assembly today! 😊

We hope you learned a lot about Brazil & the Olympics! Miss Girvan thought we were all Confident Individuals who could present what we have learned – we hope we gave you a Friday feeling with all of our singing, dancing & songs! 🎤

To top it all off we were also awarded with the Class of the Week trophy!! 🏆

What a great Friday!! 😄👍

20160520_120953 20160520_120947

May 15, 2016
by Miss Girvan

Outdoor Art

We made the most of the sunshine and took art outside this week. We collected resources in our playground including dandelions, daisies, fallen branches and blossom to name just a few! We then used double sided sticky tape to create the outline of our initial and began to stick our resources down. We think you’ll agree that our finished art work is very eye catching!!

May 13, 2016
by Miss Girvan

Our week in Primary 4/3!

20160510_095305 20160510_095313

We have been busy practising for our assembly this week. We took full advantage of our new Outdoor Classroom and practised outside in the sunshine! We hope that you will be able to come and watch our Assembly on Friday 20th May at 11:30am.

In maths this week we have been learning about measure. We know that you can measure length, weight, time and speed.

Miss Girvan taught us some Spanish this week. We learned how to ask when someone’s birthday is and how to say when our birthday is. ‘¿Cuándo es tu cumpleaños? ‘Mi cumpleaños es el….’

Primary 3s worked with Miss McGhee this week to learn new names for body parts. Primary 4s worked with Miss Girvan and we learned about different life cycles.

In PE we were beginning to warm up and practise for Sports Day with Mr. Colquhoun.

It has been a busy week in Primary 4/3 – Remember to check out our other post showing our fantastic outdoor Art!


April 25, 2016
by Miss Girvan

Beat the Street

IMG_yxm7k IMG_9dkpxa IMG_-jqsl1j

We enjoyed the sunshine & activated our fobs on a Beat Box right outside our school gates on Ladywell Road! 😊☉👍 Let’s go team Ladywell!

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