The old NLC ePortfolio theme has now been discontinued.

There is a much simpler way of making an ePortfolio now using a plugin.

The pupils can use any theme they like for their ePortfolio as the theme will have no effect on the finished Profile.

There are no pages in the new ePortfolio.

When a child needs to they can create a profile page from the posts in their ePortfolio. We suggest that pupils may not want to do this until almost the end of a school year.

Useful notes for ePortfolios

Creating an ePortfolio2016

Adding to your ePortfolio 2016

accessing ePortfolios

e-Portfolios – creating a profile

Converting an old e-Portfolio to a new one

Extra help can also be found on the National Blog help site. There are also some useful videos on the site that take you through many of the processes.