Show My Homework: Troubleshooting Guide

During school closures, teaching staff are working hard to develop additional resources and coursework for all year groups that can be completed from home. If you’re having issues accessing, completing or submitting any of these tasks, please check out some of the most common issues below.

If you still can’t find the solution to your problem, please get in touch by completing this contact form or get in touch with your class teacher or Pupil Support teacher directly. We’re all here to help!

Common Issues

1) I’ve forgotten my log-in details

If you’re a pupil…
All pupils should already have been given an e-mail address and password which grants them access to both Show My Homework and GLOW.  A request form to reset these log-in details can be found here.

If you’re a parent/carer/guardian…
You are also entitled to access Show My Homework with your own log-in details in order to keep an eye on your young person’s work. You can request parental log-in details by completely the contact form on this page.

2) I can’t view an attachment on a homework task

If you’re using your phone, you may find it cannot load attachments from some types of tasks. If possible, try viewing the task on a computer or tablet instead of a phone. Otherwise, leave your class teacher a comment asking if the attachment can be sent to you via e-mail or uploaded to GLOW so you can access it in another way.

3) I’m not sure how to submit my work

Depending on the type of task your teacher has set, there are several ways to submit your work:

If the task says, “Your teacher would like you to hand in this homework online via Show My Homework”
You should be able to attach your work as a document or photo. When you view the task, you’ll see a blue paperclip icon next to your comment box. Click on this and choose the document/photo you’d like to upload. Your teacher will see this as a comment and can then leave you a comment in return with their feedback. Click here to find out more about submitting work in this way.

If the task says, “Your teacher would like you to hand in this homework in class”
Usually, this means that the teacher would like you to either:
–  e-mail your work directly to them (look for their e-mail address on the task description)
–  upload your work to the GLOW Dropbox for that subject area

If you can’t see how the teacher would like you to hand in the task…
You should read the task description again carefully. If your teacher has written their e-mail address, then they’d probably like you to e-mail your work to them directly.
If you can’t see an e-mail address and you’re still not sure what to do, leave a comment for your teacher asking how to submit your homework.

4) I’m finding it difficult to keep up with my workload

During these challenging times, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed – but try to remember that all the work which is being uploaded to Show My Homework is designed to support you. Your teachers want to make sure that you keep up with new topic knowledge or skills while you’re learning from home, so that you can feel confident in coming back to school when the situation changes.

If you’re feeling worried or stressed about learning at home…
–  Try to establish a routine of doing some schoolwork at the same time each day or week. If you’re finding it hard to concentrate, start with a short amount of time and slowly build up to longer study periods.
–  If you can, find a quiet and tidy space where you can study at home. This will help you concentrate and stay organised.
–  If you’re struggling with one subject in particular, speak to your class teacher directly and let them know that you’re finding it hard to complete your work on time. You could leave a comment on Show My Homework or send them an e-mail. They may be able to extend the deadline or send you extra resources to help you study.
–  Get in touch with your Pupil Support teacher or e-mail Ms McKillop. They can give you more advice or might speak to your teachers on your behalf to ask for some extra help.

Remember – your health and wellbeing are really important. Check out some of our favourite resources here and take care of yourself!

5) I feel like some tasks are too challenging for me

If you usually get extra support at school, such as periods in the Support for Learning Base, attending the Nurture group or working with a classroom assistant, you might be finding learning at home especially different.

To make sure you’re getting the help and support you need, you can:
–  Speak to your class teacher to ask for different resources or help-sheets. Leave them a comment on Show My Homework or send them an e-mail.
–  E-mail your Pupil Support teacher or ask a responsible adult to contact them for you. They’ll be able to speak to your teachers and see if they can provide work which is more suitable or some extra resources to help you.

6) I don’t have regular access to a computer/internet at home

Ask a responsible adult to get in touch with your Pupil Support teacher by phone or e-mail. They can try to arrange for work to be sent to you in the post and will look into helping you access materials more easily at home.


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