Online Resources

Most pupil coursework will be issued through Show My Homework or Glow. Check these regularly for up-to-date home learning tasks and feedback from teaching staff.

On top of this, there is a huge range of educational websites and free resources that pupils can use to learn or revise at home. Try clicking on a subject area below to check out their favourite links!

Pupils and parents should also follow our @KilsythAcademy Twitter page for more ideas! You can find links to all our department pages in the ‘Twitter’ section below.


Online Resources
organised by subject area



Useful Websites

webinars and online resources (requires a log-in through Glow)

BBC Scotland Learning and BBC Bitesize
resources for all subject areas from the BBC

a huge list of free resources for all subject areas, including those which are offering free trials/membership during school closures

SQA Past Papers
previous exam papers for all subjects and levels

Kilsyth Academy School Library
check out our blog for lots of reading-related content!

Health & Wellbeing
use this page to find tips and advice to help you care for your mental and physical health, such as regular daily exercises, easy meals and mindful meditation!




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Health & Wellbeing

During extended periods of time at home through illness or isolation, it is extremely important to look after yourself and those around you.

Your mental and physical health need to be a priority so please check out our Health & Wellbeing page for regular daily exercises, easy to cook meals and mindful meditations to help you stay healthy!