Home Learning Policy

Our Home Learning Policy

We have recently reviewed our Home Learning policy and have made changes to improve support for learners by:

  • Ensuring that tasks are meaningful, varied and accessible to ALL learners
    Improving pupil engagement with Home Learning
    Improving on-time submission rates
    Improving parental engagement with Home Learning tasks


What is ‘Learning at Home’ or ‘Home Learning’?

“Learning at home is the learning which happens in the home, outdoors or in the community. It can take place through everyday activities that families already do and can overlap with aspects of organised or active learning activities.”

  • – Scottish Parental Involvement Officers Network, 2018

Why is it so important?

Children in Scotland only spend around 15% of their waking hours in school. The remaining 85% of their time is spent at home or in their community and this presents a significant opportunity for learning (OECD, 2014). According to educational research, what parents do with their children at home is more important than their socio-economic status. A stimulating learning environment outwith school can therefore be fundamental to their attainment and achievement.

What Does ‘Home Learning’ look like?

Home Learning can be difficult to describe. Many home learning activities overlap across many aspects of learning undertaken with parents, families, friends or teachers.

Some examples of Home Learning might include:

  • completing homework tasks issued by teaching staff
  • visits to the library, museums or galleries
  • encouraging and helping young people to set the table or cook a meal
  • researching a topic of interest on the internet, at the library or through personal reading
  • showing a young person how to use a tool or instrument
  • watching the news and discussing current affairs
  • reading a book together and sharing your ideas

Want to know more?
You can read the Scottish Government’s recent review of Learning at Home and other helpful Information for Parents by clicking on the links below:

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