our team

Headteacher     Mrs Reilly
Depute Headteacher     Mrs Lumsden
Principal Teachers
Mrs Nicholson, Mr Galloway

P1a         Miss Mooney

P1b        Mrs Harvey

P1/2      Mrs Muir

P2          Mrs Gordon

P3a       Miss McConnell

P3b       Mrs Anderson

P4/3     Miss Bone

P4          Miss Kennedy

P4/5     Mrs Bryce and Mr. Galloway

P5         Mrs Ralston

P6a       Miss Cruthers

P6b       Mrs Toner and Mrs Maxwell

P6/7     Miss Mearns

P7          Mrs McGinness

Flexibility Teaching Staff
Mrs Barrett and Mrs Graham(Deaf rehab)
Miss Lamont (Technologies)

Mrs Wells (HWB)

Office Staff
Senior Clerical Officer – Mrs Forrest
Clerical Officer – Mrs Rodgers

Additional Support Needs Assistants
Mrs Farrell
Mrs Littlejohn
Mrs Longmuir
Miss Hadden
Mrs Ryan
Miss Kean
Miss Marshall


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