The annual registration of Primary 1 pupils usually takes place during January of each year.

An advertisement appears in the local press giving full details of enrolment dates.
Children who attain the age of 5 years between 1 March 2020 and 28 February 2019 can start school in August 2020.
A child’s birth certificate and proof of address as a Council Tax Bill are both required for registration purposes.
Parents who have moved to the area or wish to make a placing request should contact the school to arrange a visit.
Parents/Carers and new entrants to Primary 1 will be invited into the school during the summer term to enable them to meet with staff and to exchange information about starting school. A booklet entitled “Starting School” will be available at this time.
Children in Glencairn Nursery Class visit the school on a weekly basis and take part in a wide range of activities.
Staff from the school work in the nursery alongside their early years colleagues.
Children who do not attend our nursery are visited by school staff in their nursery placement and have opportunities to visit our school.
Our Hearing Impaired children visit our school on a number of occasions prior to starting school and staff from the school visit the children in their nursery on a number of occasions.

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