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Parental Help: Developing the Young Workforce

Each year as part of our S2 options process we try to share as much real-life information and experiences with our young people as we can to help guide them in their subject choice. Part of this process is asking parents if they would be willing to share their own lifelong learning career journey with our young people as part of our annual Developing the Young Workforce conference. The ongoing pandemic means that we can no longer deliver this in the normal way by hosting an in-house conference with visitors, pupils and parents present. We are therefore having to think of different ways in which we can continue to offer our young people this invaluable information and we are hoping to undertake a virtual delivery for our students. Click on the link below for more info.

Click Here:



Parental Update: Remote Learning

Please find attached a link to NLC’s digital offering to supplement that which is already on offer from individual schools.

Click Here: Digital Offering – Jan 2021

You will be aware from national media today that there have been significant access issues which have prevented users – pupils AND staff – from having access today to TEAMS.  This is something which has affected the whole of Scotland and is not a school or a local authority issue.  I appreciate how frustrating this has been for all of us, but it is something which is completely outwith our control.

A few things have arisen today as a result of parental enquiries, and I am happy to try and summarise these as FAQs as matters arise:

Attendance – all pupils are credited with attendance during this period of school closure.  Pupils do not have to log in to live classes over the course of the day to get their ‘attendance mark’.  As mentioned in Friday’s newsletter there will be many reasons why pupils cannot or do not come online at the same time as the scheduled class.  That is OK!

Engagement – we will be monitoring engagement of pupils (not necessarily at ‘live’ times) so that we can see whether or not pupils are able to access the work which is being set.  This engagement will be monitored through the insight facility within Teams and the school will contact families if it looks as if there could be an access problem.  Please be assured this is there to support families and to see if there is anything which we could do to ensure that we widen access to teaching materials in order to support as many young people as we can.  We understand that there can be many reasons why pupils cannot be online at any given time.

Live Lessons – this phrase does NOT necessarily mean that the teacher stands and delivers a lesson in front of the virtual class.  It can take many forms – preloaded video explanations or demonstrations; powerpoints with commentary etc.  The best summary of the different methods of presenting is that the teacher will be present in ‘real time’ – ie on the live chat – when the lesson is underway.  If a pupil is unable to attend at this time, he/she can email or leave a comment on the Teams chat which the teacher will respond to at a time when not involved in teaching other groups.

Password resets – the mailbox for password resets is monitored during working hours every day and all requests are answered.  If there is a problem with being missing from a class list then please contact the school and the request will be directed to the appropriate department. There is also a email form in the Remote Learning tab on the homepage where you can contact Faculty Heads.

It is understandable that as we face these new challenges, everyone just wants everything to fall into place and work.  Sadly the reality is the same as with the change to any new system – there will be teething problems along the way. It is important for all of us that compassion and kindness remains at the forefront of what we do – the situation we are currently in is unprecedented and is no one’s fault.  The gulf which remote learning creates makes it very difficult not to be hard on ourselves and each other that when things don’t work that it’s just not good enough.  The fact that we are trying to support each other is what makes us a tight knit community.  If technology gets in the way and is causing stress then walk away from the computer.  Tasks will still be there when the ICT highway can cope with the volume of users trying to access it.  Here’s hoping for a less technology stressful day tomorrow!

GLOW Login Requests

Can we ask that any requests for GLOW logins or passwords are made by the pupils. Due to GDPR regulations we can only pass this information onto the user of the account. Thanks

You can find a link to an electronic request form in the top bar of the webpage.

Christmas Appeal

Christmas Appeal

  • Working in partnership with Kilsyth Community Foodbank Greenfaulds aims to spread a little Christmas cheer to those who find the festive period difficult.
  • We are urging you to donate a small gift to a child who may go without this Christmas.
  • From the last week in November there will be handmade baubles on the Christmas tree at the front door.
  • You can collect a kids wish from the tree. On the back of these baubles will be an age of a kid and some ideas of things you might want to bring in.
  • All donations should be dropped into F033. Last day for donations will be Monday 14th December.
  • Make Christmas in Cumbernauld Unforgettable!

Prom Refund

Prom Refunds

Apologies for the delay, we are now able to process the second batch of Prom refunds if you name is on the following lists Please attend at dates stated, between 4.30pm & 6.00pm.

For all other pupil still due refunds we will be arranging a further collection by the end of November.

This can only be collected by the person named or parent/guardian with ID as this needs to be signed for.


Tue 10.11.20                                                      Wed 11.11.20

Jack McGlinchie Christy Paterson
Aidan McKay Mia Paterson
Ciara McKay Ben Patterson
Robyn McKean William Paul
Jasmin McKechnie Aiden Peebles
Nicola McKirdy Erica Pollock
Olivia McLaughlin Euan Porter
Alasdair McMonagle Hayden Porter
Fraser McNally Craig Rand
Laura McPhail Cameron Riddle
Chloe McSharry Sam Ritchie
Emily Miller Jared Robertson
Aimee Mitchell Caitlin Robertson
Ciara Mitchell Calum Robinson
Douglas Mitchell Aidan Rogers
Skye Moore Rachel Ross
Cameron Murray Katie Ryan
Idrees Mushtaq Megan Scartaccini
Aaron Neville Noor Sharif
Leah Newman Nicole Sharkey
Kiaya Nicholl Courtney Smart
Amy O’Keefe Conor Smith
Holly O’Neill Katie Smith
Natasha O’Neill Tammy Smith
Rebecca O’Reilly Sophie Sommerville

NHS Lanarkshire Test & Protect Letter

NHS Lanarkshire’s test and protect team is carrying out contact tracing after someone at Greenfaulds HS tested positive for Covid-19. They are currently self-isolating at home.

NHS Lanarkshire is working closely with North Lanarkshire Council with regards to the case and is contacting close contacts. Public health advice is being given to these individuals and they are being told to self-isolate.

Following the findings of a review, there is no evidence currently to suggest that there is transmission in the centre. The risk to the wider community has currently been assessed as low and the school will remain open.

Click on the link below for more details.

Click Here to Access NHS Lanarkshire Letter