Primary Schools

Our Gaelic teachers teach the language in primary schools in the area. They use song, play and activities to teach vocabulary and useful phrases as part of their modern language offerings.

Weekly activities can be seen on our twitter page @gaelic_gfhs

Eastfield Primary School P6 & 7

Baird memorial P5, 6 & 7

Condorrat Primary P6 & 7

Gaelic as a language in S1

We looked at the history of Scottish Gaelic and where we might find the language in the place names around us and use of the language with a view to informing pupils what opportunities that choosing Scottish Gaelic as their Modern Language

Eachdraidh nan Gaidheil primary no video

Gaelic as a career
We heard from some of our current higher students and their plans for using Gaelic as their future career.

Greenfaulds High School has a track record of success with former students going on to use Gaelic in their jobs with one former pupil teaching Gaelic (and Spanish in Gaelic) from her home in Spain.

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