Mod Competition Support

We are looking forward to supporting our young people as they prepare for all Local and National Mod competitions.

Mod competitions are as follows:

Mod Shruighlea – Sat 16th June (singing and poetry), Fri 1st June (evening) instrumental
Mod Chille Bhrighde an Ear – Fri 1st June (poetry), Sat 2nd June (singing)
Mod Ghlaschu – Saturday 9th June
National Mod – Dunoon- Mon 15th October, Tues 16th October, Wednesday 17th October

We will be able to support pupils preparing for singing competitions, poetry, story telling, conversation and with musical instruments.

If you wish your son/daughter to participate in any competitions then please register them and inform us of any piece that you would like us to support them with.

Enter your son/daughter by following the link below.

If you would like your son/daughter to receive this support then please complete the letter attached and returned to Mr Mackay.  A paper copy of this letter will be sent home with every pupil.

Mod Letter 2018

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