Inorganic and Physical Chemistry

This Unit develops a knowledge and understanding of the principles and concepts of inorganic and physical chemistry. Learners will discover how electromagnetic radiation is used in atomic spectroscopy to identify elements. They will extend an understanding of the concept of atomic structure by considering atomic orbitals and electronic configuration related to the periodic table. Using electron pair theory, learners will predict the shape of molecules. Learners will gain an understanding of the physical and chemical properties of transition metals and their compounds. Learners will investigate the quantitative component of chemical equilibria. They will develop their understanding of the factors which influence the feasibility of chemical reactions. Learners will progress their understanding of reaction kinetics by exploring the order and mechanisms of chemical reaction

Find attached the PowerPoints for Unit 1 so far, the password is the same as always.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum


Covalent Bonding

Electrons and quantum numbers

Transition Metals

Chemical Equilibrium

Acid base equilibria

reaction feasibility



Find attached the Past Paper questions for each sub-topic

Chemical Equilibrium Past Paper Questions

Electromagnetic Radiation and Atomic Spectra Past Paper Questions

Kinetics Past Paper Questions

Reaction Feasibility Past Paper Questions

Transition Metals Past Paper Questions

Atomic Orbitals

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