Highland Games & Ceilidh

On Monday morning, the Junior boys and girls were piped round to the gym hall by Ross and Murray from Lenzie Academy to begin our Highland Games. Everyone put in such a great effort all day and had great fun with our activities! Our Junior photos are on the link below:


On Tuesday, our Infant boys and girls were piped round to the hall by Emma, our bagpipe procession is on twitter for all to enjoy.

The Infant boys and girls had a fantastic time at their Highland Games and tried so hard at each activity! All of the results were so close and this shows how hard the boys and girls work all year to improve their skills. Our Infant photos are on the link below:

Infant Highland Games & Presentation

After all of the fun over both days, our whole school were treated to a Celebratory Ceilidh to close off our Highland Games! Thank you to our band who visited us again from The Royal Conservatoire! Please have a look at the photos below and the clips on Twitter:

Infant Highland Games & Presentation