Head Teacher and Star Badge Awards

Well done to all our winners:

Star Badge (Infant)

Room 1 – Chloe for excellent work threading letters to make her name.

Room 2 – Karli for great listening and following instructions on our trip to Deep Sea World.

Room 3 – Lyle for matching words and pictures.

Room 4 – Marty for excellent shape work.

Room 5 – Alexander for a great effort on sports day.

Room 6 – Lily for excellent sound work.

MP Room – Zuzia for taking part in all the stations at sports day!

Head Teacher Award (Junior)

Room 7 – Ava for excellent artwork (cherry blossom)

Room 8 – Dylan for having a great first try at word processing.

Room 9  – Lauren for great literacy work.

Room 10 – Andrew for great organisational skills in a matching activity.

Room 11 – Emma for great story writing.

Room 12 – Callum for fantastic work on the 5 times table.

Star Badge (Junior)

Room 7 – Mrs Woodward for being practically perfect in every way 😉

Room 8 – Marc for great singing and drama work on our Windmill cafe show.

Room 9 – Ryan for being a responsible class member.

Room 10 – Mouhamad for great effort in speech and language group and for taking his time when talking.

Room 11 – Adam M for being kind and helpful.

Room 12 – Alex for great motivation for working.