Design and Manufacture – Quizzes

01 hardwoods

02 man made boards

03 metals and their uses

04 working with acrylic

05 metalwork bench tools

06 woodwork bench tools

07 metalwork tools

08 files

09 wood joints 1

10 wood joints 2

11 wood joints 3

12 planes

13 wood turning lathe

14 cramps and clamps

15 adhesives

16 brazing

17 cutting metals

18 the drill

19 spot welding

20 micrometer

21 cutting an internal thread

22 cutting an external thread

23 portable power tools

24 casting

25 general questions

Design and Manufacture – Revision


D&M – GoodBad Designs

Design Factors Design

Issues Design_Classics


Fitness for Purpose


Market Segments


Product Comparison


Revision – Design

Revision – Metal

Revision – Plastic

Revision – Wood

S4 Revision and Assignments

1_Knowledge and Understanding

S4 Revision and Assignments

2_Commercial Production Methods

S4 Revision and Assignments

3_The Design Process

S4 Revision and Assignments

4_Making in Wood

S4 Revision and Assignments

5_Making in Metal

S4 Revision and Assignments

6_Making in Plastics

Study Notes – D&M

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