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School Transport Moodiesurn Bus

Message from SPT.

SPT has requested the operator arrange passes for contract 2012M due to the issue of non-entitled children trying to board the vehicle. It is not compulsory under the terms and conditions of any SPT contract to issue them but the operator has agreed and they are entitled if they wish to charge a fee of £3 for each pass that has to be re-issued due to loss.

Pupils who are entitled to travel by school bus can collect their tickets from the school office.

School Transport from Gartcosh, Stepps/Millerston and Cardowan

We have received the following update from the bus operator for Gartcosh, Stepps/Millerston and Cardowan.  It details the pick up points and pick up times.

2314L – Cardowan

08:30 Cardowan Rd at Frankfield Rd / Acceptable 08:30/08:40

08:32 Kilpatrick Dr (Playpark) / Acceptable 08:32/08:42

2315L – Millerston / Stepps

08:30 Cumbernauld Rd at Station Rd / Acceptable 08:30/08:40

08:31 Cumbernauld Rd at Comrie Rd / Acceptable 08:31/08:41

08:33 Cumbernauld Rd at Whitehill Avenue / Acceptable 08:33/08:43

08:34 Cumbernauld Rd at Blenheim Ave / Acceptable 08:34/08:44

B026D – Gartcosh

08:28 Gartloch Rd at Heathfield Estate / Acceptable 08:26/08:38

08:31 Old Gartloch Rd brfore Lochend Rd / Acceptable 08:31/08:41

08:33 Johnston Rd at Inchnock Ave / Acceptable 08:33/08:43

P6 Visit – Wednesday 18th May

On WedneClustersday 18th May, the P6 classes from our cluster primaries will come to us for a visit.  This will take place in the morning , across 3 periods, giving pupils a taste of what life is like at secondary school.  They will be allocated classes on arrival and then taken to each lesson by our more senior students.  Pupils will have the opportunity to experience both practical and non-practical lessons in their morning at CHS before being transported back to primary school for lunch.  Each P6 pupil should travel to their own primary school in the morning and should not come directly to the high school.

We look forward to meeting you all next week!