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S1 CLUBS Basketball

Basketball is a popular sport in S1. Everyone is welcome and included. You don’t need experience to play as there are teachers and seniors to help you become better at the sport. It is a great opportunity to play home and away games and also make new friends.

The Basketball Club meets every Wednesday from 3pm till 3.45pm.  Miss Carey from PE takes the club.

Reporters: Robyn, Sundus, Jenna and Maggie

S1 CLUBS Netball

Our captain of the S1 school netball team is Kiera Boyce.  She thinks everyone is improving well. This paid off when we played our first 2 games a couple of weeks ago. Netball is a great sport and it is great fun and very enjoyable. It is an opportunity to make new friends and represent the school.

The club meets every Tuesday 4pm until 5pm.  Everyone is very friendly.  Come along and join us.  Mrs Walker from PE, Mrs Harvey from Chemistry and Miss Smith from Business/ICT run the Netball Club

Reporters: Sundus,  Robyn, Maggie and Jenna

News and Views

Hello and welcome to the  News and Views section of the Chryston High School newsletter.

In first year life becomes more like a reality you become well known,  have lots more friends and become part of a bigger group. Becoming part of a new environment is hard because you need to get used to your surroundings.  Finding your way around can be difficult in such a big school like Chryston.   However, you do find your way after a few weeks.

Interview with Head of First Year and Depute Head Mrs Mullen

Q-What is it like every year to have a new S1?

A-It is exciting because I know that the first years will make a big difference to Chryston High School.  They can bring great skills to our school.

Q-How do you feel to be Head of S1?

A-I feel very lucky because of I get to visit all the primary schools and meet all of our pupils when they are still young.  I then have the joy of watching all of our young people growing up.

Q-Is it hard being Head of S1?

A-Being Head of S1 is a privilege.

Q-Why do you enjoy being a teacher?

A-I love being a teacher because I love learning and being with students.

Interview of S1 pupil

Q-Is is hard becoming a first year?

A-It is hard at first because you  move classes a lot and have to get used to all the new teachers.

Q-Is it hard talking to new people?

A-Not for me as I am a confident person but others may be shy and find it harder to talk to new people.

Q-Have you made a lot of new friends?

A-Yeah, I have made a lot of different friends – some from my old school and some from other schools.

Reporters: Lucas, Kameron, John and Raza

School Clubs

By Megan Burns
School Clubs

There are many clubs in Chryston High School during and after school.

Here is some information about some of them:

Science Club

When? Monday at 12:45.

What’s involved? You do experiments and competitions and it is run by Miss Ringrose and Dr Norris.

Dance Club

When? Wednesdays after school from          

3-4pm in the Assembly Hall.

What’s involved?  A chance to dance regardless of ability or experience.

Arts & Crafts

When? Tuesdays at lunchtime in the library

What’s involved? You can do all sorts such as Colouring, Sewing, Knitting, Hama beads,

Papier Mâché & Drawing. It is open to S1-S2.

Music Club

When? Mondays at lunch 12:45pm-1:15pm

What’s involved? Music, music, music.

Art & Design

When? Wednesdays at lunch held by Miss Gibson for S1 pupils.

What’s involved? Drawing, painting, design and creativity for everyone.

The Fitness Suite

In Chryston High School, we have a wonderful fitness suit.  The Girls’ Fitness Club is on Friday after school from 02.55 to 03.55.  The other fitness clubs are on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at lunchtime.  The times are  great if you are normally at home and not active.  If you are in school it’s great to do something active at lunchtime since it can get a little boring waiting for your next class.  I think if you have the time you should definitely go since it could be a wonderful experience for you and your friends. You can  improve your fitness and meet some new friends.  The people who run the fitness club are the seniors who are very helpful and nice. Go and have fun.

by Beth Macdonald