Author: L. Barrie

Book Week Scotland 2017

To celebrate Book Week Scotland this year, the library is holding a number of different events.

Book Swap – Monday 27th November

Book Lunch – Friday 1st December

Also as part of The Reading Bridge 2017 we are hosting storyteller Lea Taylor. She is going to be visiting with our Primary 7 pupils who are taking part in The Reading Bridge this year and looking at how stories Nourish us.

Head Of Kelvin With Mr Jopling

Our first big interview was with Mr Jopling and we asked him questions about being head of house.

1)  How long have you been the head of house?

“I have been the head of Kelvin for 8 years now.”

2)  How do you make sure everything is okay in your house?

“In every house there are 2 pupil support teachers.  In my house we have Mrs Harvey & Mrs Carragher.  If something happens, the pupil support teachers have to decide if how to deal with it. The pupil support teacher talks to the head of house to let him know what has happened and what they have done.  The head of house sometimes gives them advice.”

3)  What do you enjoy about being the head of Kelvin?

“ I like working with first years, working with the captains & winning the house cup. “

4)  How long have you been at Chryston High?

 “I have been in Chryston High for 21 years and Head Of Kelvin for 8 Years”. 

5)  If you weren’t head of house what would you be?

“ If I wasn’t head of house I would be an art teacher.  I have loved art all of my life.”


By Leah Gaughan & Alishba Irfan

Visiting Our Primary School – Stepps Primary


Visit to Stepps Primary


We went to Stepps Primary School on Monday  10 November.  We had prepared a power point and talk all about high school.  We wanted to go to a primary school because we wanted to share our experience in high school so far. 

The first thing we had to do in preparation for our visit was ask the P.E department what clubs are on, what day they are on and what time they run from.  We then collected information about the food, teachers and just about the school in general.  We used this information in our presentation to the P7 pupils.  Next, we thought up of two tasks for them to do. Finally, we put all this information into a power point and decided who was going to say what.

The day of the visit arrived.  We met Mrs Mullen at the end of second period and drove to Stepps.  When we arrived, we were greeted by Mr McKeever who took us to the P7 class room. We gave them pens and paper for their task and then started our power point. The first thing we talked about was the clubs and the P7s seemed to be interested in how many different clubs there are. We then told them about how brilliant the school dinners are here at CHS.   They were drooling at how delicious it sounded. After that, we handed them out two tasks about their thoughts and worries about coming to High School.  We calmed their nerves and they were buzzing about coming up in August. Once they finished the tasks, they asked some questions which we answered.  They gave us a sheet of paper with some more questions on it which we answered and sent back.

We have enjoyed this experience and can’t wait to see them in August.

By Jaimee, Eve, Anna and Megan x

Children in Need

On Friday 18th November our S6 Charity Committee are hosting a fundraising day for Children in Need.

The highlights include:

  • S6 boys leg waxing
  • Guess the staff baby pictures
  • Staff coffee morning
  • Guess the spots on Pudsey’s cake
  • Guess the sweets in the jar

There is also a Jeans day on the Friday – £2 per pupil with all money going to Children in Need.

As part of the day,S2 pupil Duncan Lambert and the schools ICT Technician, Mr Martin are Braving the Shave to help raise money for Macmillan, a charity close to both of them. Donation buckets will be available at the doors of the Assembly Hall. Please pay a donation to enter the hall and watch the head shaving and leg waxing.

All pupils involved are working very hard to make their first charity event a success, please help them by being involved and raising money for these two great charities.